CVS Cash Back

If you need to get cash back, there are a few options you can consider. While many people choose to frequent their local ATM for cash back, many ATMs charge a fee if the machine you’re using isn’t in your bank’s network. Instead of having to pay this type of fee, consider getting cash back … Read more

Highest Paying Plasma Donation Center

Are you searching for the highest paying plasma donation center? Before you donate, let’s delve deeper on how this procedure goes. There are a few things that you should keep in mind if you want to donate plasma. These requirements are set forth by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as well as the American … Read more

Walgreens Fax Machine

Walgreens is a neighborhood drugstore with a lot of extras. Stores generally include a pharmacy for filling and refilling prescriptions, a photo center for getting your pictures developed, and you can shop for many reasonably priced household goods. If you need to send a fax and you have a Walgreens close by, you may think … Read more

Stores That Don’t Use TeleCheck

If you have ever experienced an embarrassing incident where a store declines your personal check, you may have been asked by the store cashier or manager to contact either TeleCheck or Certegy to remedy the issue. These check verification services are also known as check acceptance services, and many retailers use them to verify and … Read more

Walmart Return Policy Opened Items

Walmart maintains a fairly simple to understand return policy for its customers. A good question is whether or not the Walmart return policy opened items provision allows you to take back an item if you have already opened it, damaged the package it came in, or thrown away the package. Keep reading to learn more … Read more

Does Bank of America Notarize?

Occasionally, you may find yourself in a position where you need to have a document notarized. Undoubtedly, this has happened if you’re a parent and have had to sign documents concerning your son or daughter, or if you’ve ever conducted any type of real estate transaction. It is not uncommon for a Title Company to … Read more

What Can Someone Do with Your Bank Account Number?

In today’s world of hacking and fraudsters, it’s important to keep your personal information safe. For instance, if your wallet gets stolen thieves can easily rack up charges on your debit and credit cards, but what can someone do with your bank account number? Using Your Bank Account Number For Online Purchases When your bank … Read more

Does Dominos Take Checks?

If you’re going to pay for your meal with a check, then it would be a really good idea to like pizza. While pizza restaurants aren’t the only types of restaurants to take checks, they are much more likely to do so than other types of chain restaurants. You might already be wondering does Dominos … Read more

Public Fax Machine Walmart

Even though communications have evolved radically over the past few decades, you will still have a number of occasions on which you need to be able to send or receive a fax to or from someone. Even though it is necessary to send faxes sometimes, most people no do not have their own fax machine … Read more

UPS Money Order

Is there a UPS money order service? Quick Response: The UPS company and UPS outlet locations do not cash or sell any money orders to customers. UPS primarily provides the services of international and domestic shipping options for both business and individual clients. At the time of publication, these services do not include providing a … Read more