CVS Cash Back

If you need to get cash back, there are a few options you can consider. While many people choose to frequent their local ATM for cash back, many ATMs charge a fee if the machine you’re using isn’t in your bank’s network. Instead of having to pay this type of fee, consider getting cash back with a purchase. Many stores like CVS let their customers receive CVS cash back during their transactions.

On your next visit to CVS, you’ll be able to select an amount of money that you’d like to receive in cash along with your purchase. Though many stores only provide cash back for transactions made with a debit card, others will provide this service for credit cards or paper checks. Read on to explore your options for getting cash back at CVS.

Using CVS for Cash Back

If there aren’t any ATMs that are in your bank’s network nearby, it’s more cost-effective to withdraw money at a store that is conveniently located like CVS. Even if you don’t mind paying an ATM fee every now and then, if you plan to constantly withdraw cash, the fees will eventually add up.

With many states charging upwards of $5 for every withdrawal, it’s better to save yourself from having to pay these fees by choosing to get cash back with a transaction. At CVS, you’ll never be charged a fee for selecting to get cash back with your purchase.

Getting Cash Back with a Debit Card at CVS

Wondering if you can use a debit card for cash back at a CVS? You can. Any purchase made using a debit card is eligible for the CVS cash back service. However, this cash back option limits customers to a maximum withdrawal of $35. Customers that need to withdraw more money should either make multiple transactions, visit another store, or rely on an ATM.

CVS Cash Back

If you’re considering making multiple transactions for cash back, make sure you don’t exceed the daily purchase limit for your debit card. This way you’ll be able to avoid having to pay additional bank fees. Similarly, be mindful of the amount of money available as selecting to receive cash back with your debit card will withdraw money from what is already in your account.

How Can I Get Cash Back with My Debit Card?

If you’ve decided to get cash back with your debit card at CVS, the process is relatively simple. If you’re already planning to make a transaction at the store, simply remember to select the cash back option. At this time, you’ll be able to request $35 or less.

If you’re visiting CVS solely to get cash back, it’s a good idea to find a low-cost item that is only a few dollars. Items like gum, chocolate, or chapstick are often the most inexpensive products at CVS. Once it’s time to pay for your purchase, select the amount of money you’d like to receive back. After selecting an item to purchase, the amount of money you’ve selected will then be added to your total.

Save money and skip the added ATM fee by visiting CVS to take advantage of the free cash back option. With just one transaction, you’ll be able to get the cash you need, free of charge.