Octapharma Plasma Card Balance

If you’ve ever considered selling plasma as a way to earn extra cash, then you should check out Octapharma. It offers a maximum of $50 for your first five donation time when you’re a new donor. You can keep coming back and earning money too. Donors get between $15 to $25 for each donation, and that can really add up. Octapharma offers payment on a prepaid reloadable debit card. You can easily check your Octapharma plasma card balance online or by calling Wirecard.

What Happens At Your First Octopharma Visit?

First of all, don’t be nervous.

Octapharma will provide you with all of the information you need to make you comfortable.

Keep in mind that your first visit could last two hours. You’ll need to provide your government issued I.D. and fill out information on your health history.

Octapharma requires you to watch a quick video about the plasma donation process, and you’ll have a blood test at that time.

If everything checks out and you’re a viable donor, then you’ll be directed to the plasma donations area.

The actual plasma donation time takes about 30 to 55 minutes after which you’ll rest and have snacks.

It’s important to take it easy after your donation and to drink plenty of fluids.

Where Does Plasma Come From?

Plasma is the liquid portion of your blood that accounts for a little over half of your blood supply.

It’s almost all water, plus a little bit of protein, minerals, salts, hormones and vitamins.

When your plasma donation is frozen, it can stay good for one year after it’s been withdrawn.

It’s an important part of the blood that helps with pH balance, blood pressure, clotting and the immune system.

Since all blood plasma donations are screened, the chance of passing a blood-borne pathogen is minimal.

Your plasma will be thoroughly processed to ensure it’s safe for people who need it.

Octapharma Plasma Card Balance

Am I Eligible To Donate Plasma?

If you have a good health history, healthy veins and weigh at least 110 pounds, then you might be a candidate for the Octapharma program.

However, if you have gotten any piercings, permanent makeup or tattoos over the past 12 months you’ll have to wait on selling plasma.

The Octapharma Plasma Card Balance and Payment Process

While some plasma centers pay in cash, Octapharma uses a prepaid reloadable debit card.

You can use the card where you would normally use a debit option, but you may also be charged fees.

Regular plasma donors can earn prizes and cash up to $400 per month.

New donors must sign up on the website to earn points towards sweepstakes entries, gift cards and express passes that allow you to bypass the lines at Octapharma.

What People Are Saying About Octapharma Plasma Card?

The reviews of this plasma center are generally mixed.

Each plasma center seems to have people who love it or hate it according to the reviews.

There are some complaints about the high service fees associated with the prepaid cards.

Donors aren’t very excited about the loyalty program Octapharma offers, but there are no major complaints about it.

Overall, Octapharma may be a good choice for anyone considering doing regular plasma donations as a way to make extra money.