Cashing a Payroll Check Without ID

Without an ID, many everyday tasks are difficult, if not impossible, to perform. Among them is the difficulty cashing a check. Is cashing a payroll check without ID possible? Although it’s helpful, it’s not always mandatory. You also won’t need a bank account to cash your check. Learn how to accomplish this task in the article below.

Do You Need an ID to Cash a Check?

Banks, check cashing stores, and other financial institutions that offer check cashing services require some form of ID to cash a check. This is the established standards set forth at all financial institutions. Even supermarkets that offer check cashing services require identification.

The ‘USA Patriot Act’ has a ‘know your customer’ provision that requires the financial institution to request and verify identification. This proves the customer is the same person the check is issued to, preventing theft and other problems.

What Type of ID is Needed to Cash a Check?

Most banks require customers to show one or two forms of government-issued identification to cash a check. This can be a state-issued driver’s license or identification card, state-issued learners permit, military-issued identification, a U.S. Visa, or a U.S. passport. Some institutions accept other forms of identification on a case-by-case basis.

Cashing a Payroll Check Without ID

Can You Cash a Check with an Expired ID?

Expired identification is considered invalid. It cannot be used for any official purpose, including check cashing. If you visit a financial institution to cash a check with expired identification, they’ll ask for another form of ID.

Cashing a Payroll Check Using Secondary ID

Some institutions accept secondary forms of valid ID for check cashing services. This may include a school ID card or an employer identification card. Most stores/banks that accept secondary ID require customers to present two forms of ID, so you’ll also need an item such as a firearms permit Photo ID, college photo ID, etc.

How to Cash a Payroll Check Without ID?

Your options for check cashing without photo identification are limited, but there are options available. Ask someone close to you with a photo ID and bank account to cash the check. This works in many situations. Use a prepaid loaded debit card to load funds rather than use a paper check. This eliminates the need for any check cashing services whatsoever. Many banks offer a mobile check cashing app that may also work for customers without a valid photo ID.


Cashing a payroll check without ID is not simple, especially for checks of higher value like payroll checks. However, the options are there, as outlined above. Get your identification card as quickly as possible after losing or misplacing it and avoid all of the worry and wonder.