Walmart Air Mattress Return Policy

Walmart is a retailer that sells a variety of products for its customers. Among the products they carry is a large selection of air mattresses. These can be purchased both on Walmart’s website and in the stores. The downside is buying one and then realizing you don’t need it after all. In many cases, this happens to customers after the holidays. Other cases involve using one a few times and finding out it isn’t as comfortable as you had hoped. Will you be able to return it to Walmart for a refund? Below is some information on the Walmart air mattress return policy.

Return Policy For Walmart Air Mattress In-Store

When Walmart customer service representatives were asked about the return policy for air mattresses purchased in-store, they said they are subject to the standard return policy of the store. Customers are given 90 days to return unused, unopened air mattresses when they have the original packaging and receipt.

For customers who have already opened the air mattress package and took the mattress out of the box, it is eligible to be exchanged if you have a receipt in the original packaging. If the air mattress had accessories, those will need to be returned as well. If you purchased accessories for your air mattress separately, they can be returned before the 90 days return policy period.

If you have lost your receipt, Walmart may still issue an exchange or refund if it passes the refund verification process. When returning your air mattress, your reimbursed payment is going to be refunded to you with the same payment method used when purchasing the product. For example, mattresses bought with a credit card will be re-credited the same amount to that same credit card. If the air mattress you purchased was defective, you will be able to exchange it for the same item.

Walmart Air Mattress Return Policy

Return Policy For Air Mattress On

When it comes to returning an air mattress you bought on, customer service representatives confirm that you can return those products to a local Walmart store or by mail. To return your air mattress, you will need your original online receipt, the original packaging and any mattress accessories that came with it. The Walmart air mattress return policy is very similar to the in-store policy. You have the option of exchanging the air mattress for the same product or getting a refund on the same payment type used.

To process a return on the website, begin by logging into your online account. You will fill out a replacement/return form and then print out a shipping label. You may also start the process by calling customer service. To get a refund, the shipping label needs to be provided by Walmart only.

If you purchased a product that was shipped through the Walmart marketplace, these items cannot be exchanged for returned at Walmart because it is an online community made of independent sellers. Each of their return policies is separate from Walmart. Contact the seller to get information about their refund policy.

Walmart Return Policy For Non-Air Mattresses

If you would like to return a non-inflatable mattress, it will need to be accompanied by the original, unopened packaging to be accepted. This was confirmed by customer service representatives in local stores and by corporate. Returns and exchanges can be completed within 90 days of purchase.

To Summarize

If you bought an air mattress or are thinking of buying an air mattress from Walmart, now you know what the return policies are if you decide not to keep it or it is damaged. Mattresses bought through Walmart have a 90-day refund and return policy. The store’s return options are very flexible and popular with customers.