How to Wash Skechers Memory Foam Shoes?

If you don’t know what Skechers are, then maybe you’ve been living under a rock.

The famous California company now wears the title of the third-largest athletic footwear brand in the United States. The label is all about lifestyle and performance shoes for women, men and children. The Skechers Memory Foam line is especially popular because of the exquisite cushioning it provides for the feet.

How to Wash Skechers Memory Foam Shoes
How to Wash Skechers Memory Foam Shoes

Memory Foam shoes are also very comfortable and supportive thanks to their unique construction that allows the foam to mold to your foot for a superb fit.

The big question among Skechers fans is, “How to wash Skechers memory foam shoes?”

When Washing Skechers Memory Foam Shoes Say No To The Machine

According to the Skechers website recommendations, avoid tossing your favorite Memory Foam shoes into the washing machine. It is tempting to do because it is quick and easy, but if you want to maintain the quality and durability of your Skechers footwear, then clean them manually.

How to Wash Skechers Memory Foam Shoes
Not all shoes go in the washing machine…

However, the footwear brand says you can still use the machine if you choose the gentle cycle, and place the shoes in a thin pillowcase as you add them to the washer. Tie the top of the pillowcase.

Skechers Memory Foam insoles will need to air dry for up to 12 hours to ensure that the insoles are completely dry.

Avoid tossing them into the dryer because heat can do a number on the layers of your shoes by separating their construction.

Try A Manual Washing

Let’s face it; sneakers are going to get dirty after wearing, and you can still clean the shoes up nicely with the following tips that Skechers has provided for a manual washing.

The steps are easy for washing your Memory Foam footwear. Take a rag or shoe brush if you have one, and begin removing any grime around the upper and outsole of the shoes.

Next, place a few drops of laundry detergent into a small tub of warm water to create a soapy base. Then, dip the rag or brush into the mix, and start wiping down the dirty areas of your shoes.

Use warm water to wipe away any excess soap, and allow your shoes to air dry.

If your white shoelaces don’t look so new, you can also clean them separately to return their vivid brightness.

Take a small plastic tub and fill it with water and a small splash of bleach. Place the laces in the solution for about 30 minutes to whiten them, and then rinse them out allowing the laces to air dry.

Just A Sprinkle Or Two

To keep your Skechers Memory Foam shoes cleanly scented, it is recommended that you always wear them with a pair of socks. Also, you can sprinkle a little baking soda inside your shoes to maintain freshness.

The company also sells an Odor Eliminator Spray in an eco-friendly formula that you spritz on inside your footwear to effectively deodorize the shoes.

A waterproofer spray is also another excellent way to maintain clean Memory Foam shoes to protect them from water and stains forming. Skechers also sells their own waterproofer spray that you can spritz on, and allow the shoes to dry for 24 hours.

It, too, comes in an eco-friendly formula.

The next time someone asks you how to wash Skechers Memory Foam shoes, you will be able to give out expert advice.