Stores That Don’t Use TeleCheck

If you have ever experienced an embarrassing incident where a store declines your personal check, you may have been asked by the store cashier or manager to contact either TeleCheck or Certegy to remedy the issue. These check verification services are also known as check acceptance services, and many retailers use them to verify and process personal checks in stores. Unfortunately, there are some stores that don’t use TeleCheck.

When these issues occur, a good number of consumers are able to correct the problem with their personal check through Certegy or TeleCheck, while some people consistently run into issues at stores when presenting personal checks. These consumers are often forced to find stores that don’t use either of these check verification services to validate personal checks.

Here is a comprehensive list of retailers that don’t use Certegy or TeleCheck, and a list of stores that do use these services.

What Are Check Verification Services?

Check verification providers have the ability to verify many different kinds of checks, including payroll and personal checks. For retailers that use their services, the verification system is built right into the cash registers. This essentially means that when the automatic electronic verification approval fails as the cashier processes the sale, your check is automatically declined.

In the United States, there are typically four different services that offer check acceptance and verification.

These are ChexSystems, Early Warning Services, Certegy, and TeleCheck. ChexSystems and Early Warning System are used by payroll companies, banks, and financial institutions like credit unions. Certegy is used by merchants, retailers, and stores, and it is considered to be the biggest retail check verification company. TeleCheck is also used mainly by merchants, retailers, and stores.

Merchants use services like TeleCheck and Certegy to protect against possible fraud as the acceptance process automatically looks at the customer’s background for outstanding returned checks or issues with the checking account the personal check is written against. They also use predictive models to determine if there is a possibility of fraud. In the event that the check seems to be a risk, the verification service will flag the check, and the retailer will not be able to accept it.

There are times when the verification service is not accurate in the approval process, and mistakes are made. Scores of consumers have reported bad experiences of having their checks rejected by Certegy or Telecheck when there are funds available to cover the personal check. Also, the check verification service may fail to provide a specific reason for declining the transaction at the point of sale or register. It can also be embarrassing and a hassle for consumers at the register when these issues arise.

Here are some businesses and stores that dont use TeleCheck or Certegy:

Check Cashing Companies

 Speedy Cash, Check Into Cash, PLS Check Cashing, The Check Cashing Store, Community Financial Service Center, and Pay-O-Matic

Grocery Stores that Don’t Use TeleCheck

 Vons, WinCo, Jewel-Osco, BJ’s Wholesale Club, IGA, Hannaford, Giant Eagle, and Food 4 Less If you have gone shopping, presented a personal check for payment, and experienced problems with Certegy or Telecheck, you always have the option of going to a store that does not use one of the check verification services. We have included a convenient list of check cashing companies and grocery stores that don’t use Telecheck or Certegy to make it easier for you to shop with peace of mind.