Walmart Return Policy Opened Items

Walmart maintains a fairly simple to understand return policy for its customers. A good question is whether or not the Walmart return policy opened items provision allows you to take back an item if you have already opened it, damaged the package it came in, or thrown away the package. Keep reading to learn more about the store’s policy on purchases that are no longer in their original condition.

What Is the Official Walmart Return Policy for Opened Items?

The comprehensive return policy at Walmart means that you can take back most goods purchase either online or in a store location for up to 90 days after purchasing them. Certain electronics like tablets and computers have to be brought back in 15 days or less of the purchase date.

In order to obtain a full refund on an item you purchased, it is important to come in with the original item receipt. For items less than $25, the store will allow you to get a cash refund even without a receipt. Goods that cost over $25 will only refund via a Walmart store gift card if you do not have the original receipt.

Walmart Return Policy Opened Items

Walmart is clear on their policy for accepting returned items. The original accessories and packaging from the manufacturer have to come with any returns. It is alright if the package is open. In general, you can not return goods to Walmart without the box.

The store will take back returns with damaged or torn packaging though. The exception to this policy covers video games, music, books and movies. Such items have to be brought back in 90 days or less unmarked, unopened, and unused. They will take back defective items that are open if you have the receipt and the original package.

Returning Items That Are Assembled

Per the company customer service department, you are able to bring back undamaged, entire, and disassembled products that include the original packaging. They should accept this even if the item is partially assembled. It is a good idea to contact your neighborhood Walmart if you have questions relating to a particular purchased item.

What About Returns for Goods with Lost or Destroyed Original Packaging?

Walmart does not have to accept returned items without the original packaging from the manufacturer. The managers at the individual stores do have some powers of discretion on what they will accept back in their stores. If you have thrown away or destroyed your item’s packaging, you should contact your area Walmart. In cases where you bought the item online, contact the store’s virtual help desk.

In Conclusion

You can return the majority of purchased goods to Walmart via their store return window so long as you have the original packaging and any included accessories. They will usually accept packaging that has been ripped or is open. If you do not have the original packaging or it has been entirely destroyed, then the manager has discretion on whether to accept the return or not. In this case, your best option is to contact the area store or refer to the Walmart virtual help desk. The store does not accept return items that you damaged while using them (unless there is a protection plan involved with items like cell phones, tablets, and laptops).

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