Petsmart Fish Return Policy

People who purchase animals at a store may find the need to return that animal for many different reasons. Perhaps the animal isn’t healthy or you can no longer care for the animal. Returns aren’t always so simple, but PetSmart has a customer-friendly return policy that changes this fact. Need more information about the Petsmart fish return policy?

PetSmart Fish Return Policy at All Locations

Petsmart has a 14-day return policy on all live animals bought in-store. Can you return a fish under this return policy? You bet you can. While PetSmart sells various types of animals and works with 3,400 pet shelters around the world that help animals find their forever homes, they understand that sometimes things happen that cause need to return the animal. They make all returns simple for their customers.

Petsmart Fish Return Policy

How to Return a Fish

Take your receipt to the PetSmart location within 14-days purchase if you want to return fish. The store keeps a two-month purchase roster that can track the purchase if you no longer have the receipt. It’s best that you bring a receipt with you. Otherwise, you may be required to show a driver’s license or other form of identification to receive a refund. Your refund is credited to the original payment method.

PetSmart accepts returns of dead fish as well. Take the dead fish with you to the PetSmart store as you would any other fish or animal you return. PetSmart will not ask any questions about the dead fish, which is comforting to most people.

What happens if you need to return a fish after the 14-day period? Only with manager approval is a return accepted after the 14-day period. To ensure fairness, most managers approve returns after this period only in extreme circumstances. If you decide to return the fish after this time period, you are probably out of luck. While PetSmart wants their customers happy with their service, limits and regulations are required to keep business in order.

PetSmart Animal Return Policy

PetSmart accepts returns on every animal they sell. The 14-day return policy remains in effect for the return of all animals sold at PetSmart. If you adopted a cat or dog via the adoption program from PetSmart, you may be able to return the pet, but the return policy varies from one PetSmart location to the next. ats and dogs adopted via the store’s adoption program may also be returned. However, the return policy for an adopted pet varies from one store to another. Contact the store from which you adopted the animal to learn more about a return.

Final Word

PetSmart is a customer-friendly pet store that wants every customer happy with their purchase and their animal. The fish return policy for both dead and alive fish is the same. Return it for a full refund or exchange within 14-days of purchase. Remember to bring the original sales receipt with you to make the return.