How Much Does Walmart Charge to Mount and Balance Tires?

Many Walmart customers find the Auto Care Centers to be a convenient place to have basic maintenance done on their cars while they are shopping. One of the services that the super store features is tire replacement and repair. A common question of customers who have not visited the Walmart Auto Care Center lately is: how much does Walmart charge to mount and balance tires? Keep reading to learn the important details.

Tire Balancing Services at Walmart Auto Centers

The good news for customers who need to have new tires put on or existing tires maintained is that Walmart Auto Centers do provide both tire mounting and tire balancing services to their customers. Our staff reached out to Walmart associates in locations found in Arizona, Florida, and New York to confirm this. The Walmart employees told our researchers that it costs $12 for each tire to be balanced in store.

Tire mounting presents you with a few choices. You can pick up your own new or used tires somewhere else and Walmart will happily mount these on your car. Walmart also sells tires that they will then mount for you. However you get your tires the tire mounting services at Walmart cost between $22 and $25 for each tire. The price difference depends on if you have your valve stem replaced or stay with the existing one. Here is the tire mounting cost breakdown at Walmart Auto Care Centers:

  • Tire mounting – $10 each tire
  • Tire balancing – $12 each tire
  • Valve stem replacement – $3 each tire

A caveat is that new tires have to be balanced once they are mounted. This makes the price of tire balancing as part of the tire mounting service mandatory.

How Much Does Walmart Charge to Mount and Balance Tires?

When Is It Time To Get Your Tires Balanced?

Unbalanced tires are often caused by unequal weight distribution and typical tread wear. Because tires that are unbalanced are out of perfect round the issue will create problems driving. Some of these problems are greater wear on your suspension or tires and vibrations in your steering wheel. When you start to feel vibrations caused by your tires, this is a warning sign to get them balanced as quickly as you can. Otherwise, your vehicle may suffer additional damage.

Besides addressing the vibration issue, you should also balance your tires from time to time per the recommendations of the manufacturer. Goodyear and other makers suggest that you have your tires balanced between 3,000 and 6,000 miles consistently. It is also wise to get your tires rotated when they are balanced. Rotation involves taking off the tires and moving them to varying places on the car or truck. Walmart will do the tire rotation service at no additional charge when you opt for either tire mounting/balancing or only balancing services per associates that our staff spoke with on the phone.

In Conclusion: How much does Walmart charge to mount and balance tires?

Walmart Auto Care Centers are able to provide tire mounting and balancing or only tire balancing services for your vehicle. They charge $12 each tire for the balancing services and from $22 to $25 per tire for mounting services. You do not have to purchase your tires at Walmart to have these services performed. The store auto center also provides no additional cost tire rotation with each of these balancing or mounting/balancing services.