Staples Scanning Cost

People need to get documents scanned for a variety of reasons. Because more and more people are getting rid of their scanners, printers and fax machines, it could be difficult to know where to get scanning services completed. When it comes to unique or large scanning jobs, a free scanning app on your phone won’t be enough. When you need professional services to help you with scanning, you will need to find which local companies offer scanning services to their customers. Below are some businesses you can check out in your area to get your documents scanned quickly and easily. To get an idea of Staples scanning cost and more, contact each business separately because most prices are not listed online.

Scanning Services Offered By Shipping Stores and Cost

1. FedEx

Most FedEx stores have employees and self-service kiosks to help with scanning documents. The company has more than 1,800 locations to choose from, and there may be one in your area to visit.

Scanning Costs – Using the self-service kiosk will cost $0.45 per minute to scan and can be sent to you via email. To have an employee scan your documents for you will cost $0.89 per page and they will put it on a CD or thumb drive.

Documents that are larger than a standard size sheet of paper will need to be scanned by an employee. For more information and to find a FedEx location near you, visit their website.

2. UPS

Each UPS location is a franchise that is individually owned and will have different services and prices offered.

Scanning Costs – Most locations will charge around $5 to scan up to 10 pages. If the document is up to a hundred pages, it may cost between $10 and $30 if it is a single scanning job. These costs were an average of different locations that were called.

Staples Scanning Cost

Office Supply Stores Offering Scanning Services To Customers

3. OfficeMax/Office Depot

Office Depot is the largest office supply chain in the world and includes its OfficeMax stores.

Scanning Costs – Scanning your documents will cost $2.99 for the first page and an additional $0.25 per page after. If you sign up for their rewards program, you will get 10% back whenever you use scanning services.

4. Staples

Staples offers its customers a self-service kiosk to scan your documents, but you need to have a debit or credit card to use them. Staples scanning cost $0.50 per page.

5. Hotels

If you have hotels in your area, many of them have business centers that guests can use. Small documents may be able to be scanned at the front desk. Even if you are not a guest of the hotel, it may be worth asking for help.

6. Libraries

Libraries are a great place to get documents scanned. If you have a library card and no outstanding fees, you may be able to get help scanning small documents. Many public libraries charge small fees around $0.10 per page, but it is best to call your library beforehand to find out the actual fees they charge.

7. Travel Agencies

While you are on the road traveling, travel agencies often have access to printers and scanners and might help you out if you ask.

Free Smartphone Apps To Scan Documents

8. CamScanner

CamScanner is a free application you can download on your phone to take pictures of your documents and get them translated into PDFs. They can then be saved on your phone or emailed to yourself or other people. This app is available for Androids and iPhones.

9. Evernote

This is a productivity application that allows you to take pictures of images and documents and turn them into PDFs that can be saved, stored in the cloud or sent to an email address. This application is also available for Androids and iPhones.

10. Genius Scan

This application is free to use and allows you to scan multiple pages at a time. This app uses perspective correction to help you get the best looking scans possible. Genius Scan is only available to iPhone users.

To Summarize

It can be stressful to find a place to get your documents scanned. We answered your question about Staples scanning cost but use this list to find a store or location in your area that will scan your documents at an affordable price.