Microcenter Price Match

No one likes to go to a store and buy an item they could’ve gotten cheaper from somewhere else. People everywhere want stores to be able to price match to save them on their precious time. Some stores guarantee you a price match, but Microcenter price match is left up to the store manager.

Can Microcenter price match or not?

Electronics retailer, Micro center, has a policy allowing the store manager to be judge and jury. The decision is up to the store manager on whether they want to honor a competitors price. Ultimately certain criteria, such as the competitor selling the item and the item’s availability, weigh in on that decision. Not only can a store manager determine if they want to honor a price match, but they can also decide how long you have to request a price match from the time the item was purchased.

 To better your chances for a price match, there are certain conditions you need to meet. According to the Micro center Support, products purchased with a valid receipt of order also have to meet these conditions:

 1. Be sold by a popular competitor

 2. Be the same as the original product

 3. Must be available from the competitor

 4. Must be from an Amazon warehouse, not a 3rd party, if Amazon is the competitor.

Microcenter Price Match

How do I request a price match?

 Once you have met the criteria, just simply get in contact with Micro center and request your price match. You are provided with different options to have your price match requested, such as going directly to a micro center store and speaking with a manager, requesting for contact on their website, or just calling this number (614) 850-3675 to speak with someone at micro center support. Once contacted someone will review your request and inform you on their decision to honor competitor price or not.

 Although it may seem like a lot to get your Micro center price match, it’ll all be worth it once you see the money you saved. Saving money on a purchase is always great and allows you more money left over to spend on other desires and necessities. With 25 store locations nationwide, shopping at Micro center has great support if ever you have any purchasing issues, questions, or need servicing with in-house customer service.


 At Micro center whether a competitor price match is honored is up to the discretion of the store manager as well as certain criteria that needs to be met to aid the store manager’s decision. To get your price match, you simply need to contact a store manager or Micro center support, provide proof of purchase and competitor price, and wait for a response from Micro center. Don’t let the process discourage you. Saving money is always worthwhile so you have more to spend. With so many locations, Micro center is an added in-house customer service bonus. Sounds like all-around benefits.