Walmart Battery Core Charge

This article is to inform Walmart customers of the return and exchange policy regarding their car battery products. This is intended to get customers “going” again. Walmart has successfully simplified the process of getting a new car battery through the use of its countrywide Auto Care Centers and extensive inventory of automotive supplies. They also offer proper disposal of your old batteries for free if you paid the Walmart battery core charge. Additionally, most Walmart car care centers offer free installation and testing of customer’s batteries.

Types of Vehicle Batteries Offered At Walmart

There are three types of car batteries that Walmart sells. The brands are ValuePower, EverStart Maxx and EverStart Plus. Each of these types is a lead-acid battery and is sold exclusively through Walmart. They cannot be found at any other retailer.

Warranty Policy For Walmart Car Batteries

Each battery type sold by Walmart comes with a different warranty policy. If you want to make a purchase, it is best to compare those warranties beforehand. The policies can be found in-store on the batteries and listed on the retailer’s website. If you need to replace or return a battery you purchased from Walmart online or in-store, it will need to take place at your local Walmart location.

  • ValuePower – Walmart offers free replacements up to one year after purchase.
  • EverStart Plus – Walmart offers a free replacement within two years of purchasing.
  • EverStart Maxx – Walmart offers to replace your battery up to three years after purchasing or offers a prorated replacement after two years.
Walmart Battery Core Charge

Car Battery Return Policy For Walmart

Are customers able to return car batteries they purchased from Walmart? The simple answer to that question is yes. However, the return needs to be completed within 90 days of purchasing. If you bring your original receipt, you will get your refund on the same payment method used. As an example, your refund would be repaid in cash if you originally paid using cash.

If you want to return your battery and do not have your receipt, Walmart will verify that your battery is a Walmart battery and then refund your purchase. They will pay you in cash if the total is less than $25. If the refund amount is more than $25, you will receive a store credit.

If you purchase the wrong battery type, you can exchange it for another one. If you purchased a battery and it does not work properly, Walmart Auto Center will test it for free and exchange it if needed. There is no charge for the installation of car batteries at Walmart.

Exchange/Disposal Policy For Walmart Car Batteries

Walmart will dispose of or recycle your car battery for free in most states. When you purchase a new battery, bring your old battery with you to be disposed of properly. If a customer does not bring in a bad battery in exchange for their newly purchased one, there will be a Walmart battery core charge. This fee is charged anywhere batteries can be purchased and is done to keep them from ending up in local landfills.

Refunds for core fees will be paid in cash or as a credit towards the purchase of a new battery. Some stores require original receipts to prove you paid the core fee and others do not. State regulations change the refund process for each location.

To Summarize: Walmart Battery Core Charge

Now you know that Walmart offers a return and exchange policy for its batteries. They have three car battery types to choose from and each comes with a separate warranty. Returns may be completed within 90 days of purchasing for a replacement or refund. Be sure to bring in your old battery to take advantage of their disposal service.