Publix Money Order

Publix is more than just a grocery store. This southeastern U.S. regional chain also provides services like cashing checks and buying a Publix money order. The company offers the convenience of taking care of financial services while purchasing groceries. Western Union backs the money orders that Publix sells. The grocery store sells customers these money orders for a marginal charge. Keep reading to learn all about it.

What is Publix Policy on Money Orders?

Many individuals have wondered if Publix sells money orders or not. When you need to get one, the store makes it possible to avoid going into your bank by buying a Publix money order. It is really easy to buy a money order at the grocery store. All that you have to do is to approach the customer service department and let the staff know that you need to buy a money order. After you pay to acquire this, you are able to utilize it for payments just like you would with a personal check. To provide you with all of the information on Publix money orders, we have compiled a simple to access list that gives you the inside information on the payment methods, costs, and limitations of these money orders.

Specifics on Publix Western Union Money Orders

Costs – range from 85 to 89 cents.

Payment Methods – Publix accepts prepaid cards, debit cards, and cash, but they will not take a gift card, check, or credit card when you purchase a money order.

Limitations – the maximum money order amount through Publix is $500, but you can buy additional ones to combine for a greater total.

Tracking Methods – Checking on whether your money order has been cashed or not is a simple matter of contacting Western Union at their phone number 1-800-999-9660, then keying in the money order’s identifying 11 digit number.

The stores will not allow you to return and refund your money order in Publix according to a few different customer service representatives from a couple of stores we contacted. The good news is that Publix money orders are backed by Western Union. You are able to get a refund from Western Union directly. Be aware of the $15 refund processing fees that Western Union charges.

All Publix locations (not including their branded Green Wise Markets) will sell money orders. These grocery stores usually have opening hours ranging from 7am to 10pm, all seven days of the week.

Publix Money Order

Can You Cash A Money Order at Publix?

Unfortunately, Publix is unable to cash your money orders. There are a number of locations of other stores that do cash money orders issued by Western Union. You can read about this in our related article on cashing Western Union and other money orders.

In Conclusion

Publix sells money orders at all of their grocery stores (besides the Green Wise Market locations). They will not cash them for you though. The store offers additional conveniences like check cashing of payroll checks up to $500 or personal checks up to $75. Publix offers more convenient hours than banks do and is also open on weekends when most banks are closed. The financial services that they provide make the store a convenient place to shop for groceries.

If you do need to cash a money order then there are other stores that provide these services with Western Union-backed money orders that Publix sells. You can do this at most credit unions and banks, check cashing stores, and other area businesses.

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