LuLaroe Profit

If you’ve seen the colorful leggings that are popular among many women across the country, then you likely know that they are from LuLaRoe. Instead of only wearing the comfortable pants, you can sell them and begin making a LuLaRoe profit from what you sell whether it’s during a party, at a special event, or from your home.

Getting Started as a LuLaroe Consultant and Earning Profit

If you’re thinking about starting a business selling LuLaRoe, you need to have a desire to succeed. There is a queue for onboarding with the company, so you might have to wait a few weeks or even a few months before you’re able to begin selling. You’ll also need to pay the costs associated with getting the initial inventory that you can then turn into a LuLaRoe profit. When you get the package, you’ll have a certain number of pieces of clothing ranging from leggings to dresses and tops. There will be different sizes in the box as well as different colors. The number of items in the box will depend on the package that you select and how much you want to pay to get started. Items can be returned if you decide that you no longer want to sell the products any longer or if they are damaged. A small fee is charged if you resign from selling and return your inventory.

LuLaroe Profit

Starter Packages

The smallest package is usually about $5,000, but you can spend as much as $9,000 getting started if you want to get several pieces of clothing for your inventory. Some of the items in your package are the best selling products that the company offers, which means that they won’t stay in your inventory very long. Once you get your box, you’ll be able to get a better idea as to what customers want as you’ll need to place orders to keep customers satisfied. There are usually around 300 pieces in the smallest onboarding package and up to 500 in the largest.

Making Money

Once you begin selling, you’ll usually start to see a profit of some kind. Most consultants make about 45% from the products that are sold. If you purchase the $5,000 package, then you’ll likely make about $2,200 starting out. As you begin ordering more items and selling the inventory that you have, then you’ll start to quickly make money as you won’t have product sitting around. In order to stay active, you need to sell 33 items each month, which is easy to do if you have a large customer base or sell at special events.

LuLaroe Profit – Bonuses

There are opportunities to earn bonuses while selling LuLaRoe. You can get bonuses when you sponsor other consultants and as you begin selling more items to climb the ladder of success as there are different levels of sales that you can achieve.