Walmart Laptop Return Policy

Walmart is known for selling many diverse items that range from food to office supplies to automobile accessories. According to Walmart’s return policy, you can get a refund on many items up to 90 days after the purchase date. The Walmart laptop return policy and the tablet return policy are exceptions to this rule.

Walmart Laptop and Electronics Return Policy

Instead of having 90 days to return a product, Walmart requires that electronics, such as laptops and tablets, be brought to a Walmart store within 15 days from the purchase date or the delivery date, which depends on if you make an online or in-store purchase. When returning an electronic, you must bring the original packaging and accessories to Walmart’s customer service center.

If you purchased the product online, then bring the packing slip. In the event that you do not possess the packing slip, then you print a slip from your account on

Walmart Laptop Return Policy


If you do not have the original packaging or accessories, then Walmart can refuse your return. You can contact your Walmart to question the return of your product without its proprietary components. You can seek help from Walmart’s virtual assistant if you made an online purchase but do not have the original packaging.


You do not need a receipt to return an electronic to Walmart. If the product’s price is greater than $25, then you can receive a Walmart gift card as a refund.


Walmart extends it return policy for electronics during the holidays. For purchases that you make between November 1 and December 24, Walmart gives you until January 9 for refunds. On December 26, Walmart restarts its standard 15-day laptop and tablet return policy.

Walmart vs. Best Buy’s Laptop Return Policy

Walmart and Best Buy have a similar return policy for laptops and tablets. You can buy electronics at Best Buy and return most of them within 15 days. If you purchase a tablet that must be activated, you must return the tablet within 14 days. However, you must bring the product’s initial wrapping, the purchase receipt, your payment method and a government-issued ID. There may be a restocking fee if you purchased and activated a tablet, but you do not suffer a fee for laptops.

If you do not have a receipt but you purchased your item with a card, then customer service can search for your order and give you a receipt copy. If you made an online purchase, then you can acquire a receipt from your account with Best Buy.

If you are missing some original product components, Best Buy can process a nonrefundable deduction for the items you are missing.

Best Buy’s Exceptions

Customers who are elite members of My Best Buy have an extended period of time to return a product. They can return most items within 30 days or 45 days, which depends on their elite status. However, they must return activated tablets within 14 days.

Walmart Laptop Return Policy Wrap-Up

Under Walmart’s electronic return policy, you can return laptops and tablets up to 15 days days after a purchase. During the holidays, you get an extended period for refunds of purchases made after November 1 and before Christmas Day, and you can return products until January 9.