Does Target Have Layaway?

Many stores have a layaway system set up that allows customers to pay a deposit in order for the store to hold items they want to purchase but either cannot completely pay for at the time, or need a storage place to hold the item. The system allows for the customer to make payments for the total amount of their purchase until it is paid off. Then, the customer is able to take their purchased items with them. In this article, we will answer the question “Does Target Have Layaway?”

Every store has its own rules and regulations that come with their layaway process. Some require a certain amount as a down payment. Some require the purchase to be completed in a certain number of days. If a purchase cannot be completed or is otherwise cancelled, many stores will charge a cancellation fee that ranges in price as a result.

So, Does Target Have Layaway?

Target itself is one of many stores across the United States that does not offer a layaway system to its customers at this time. In addition to not offering layaway, Target’s website also mentions that the store will not hold paid for purchases within the store, to avoid responsibility for anything that may happen to a customer’s items.

Does Target Have Layaway?

Instead of layaway however, Target does offer its customers a store credit card option, for those who may be unable to appropriately afford a large and sometimes necessary purchase. This credit card is called the Target RedCard. In addtion to being a credit card, it includes perks such as free two day shipping when a customer purchases through the Target website. Also, RedCard holders are given a 5% discount off of their total purchases, all day, everyday.

In addition to the RedCard credit card, Target also offers a RedCard debit card version, which works just like a regular checking account debit card. The funds are taken directly from a customer’s bank account. The upside to this is that a customer is able to take advantage of the same perks as a RedCard credit card holder – the free two day shipping as well as the 5% discount off of total purchases. Because it links to a banking account, there is no credit check. Also, there are no fees or monthly payments associated with the debit card version of the RedCard. The downside, however, is that only what is in the customer’s banking account will be available for funds.

In addition to the above mentioned perks, having a RedCard also provides customers with an additional amount of time to return items a customer may not need or want. RedCard coupons, exclusive to RedCard holders are also often sent to those who use the RedCard.

So, while Target unfortunately does not offer its customers a layaway option at this time, there are many ways to save money when shopping in store or online.