Money Order Kroger

Kroger and Kroger’s affiliates offer the convenience of money order Kroger purchases. The money orders are processed through a Western Union system at most Kroger and Kroger affiliate locations. The trained staff can help with any questions. The days that money order purchasing is available also make it more convenient.

Some Kroger stores are open 24 hours a day, but the customer service desk is not available for the same duration. It is best to contact your local Kroger or Kroger affiliate to check the hours of operation and if money orders are available at that location. If so, then you can avoid an extra stop by purchasing your money order while you shop.

Can I save money by purchasing a money order at Kroger?

Purchasing your money order Kroger can also be a cost saver. Money orders through Western Union are typically under two dollars. Using your Kroger card can save money in more ways than one.

A discount is applied to your purchases for Kroger card-carrying members. That includes money order purchases. Occasionally, a coupon can be added to your Kroger card for extra savings. You can also earn fuel points if you use your Kroger card during the transaction at the customer service desk.

Money Order Kroger

Can I cash a money order or check at Kroger?

Many Kroger and Kroger affiliate locations will cash a money order as part of their check cashing services. These services are conducted at the customer service desk and require a form of identification. There is a small fee of around three dollars for the transaction.

Not all types of money orders can be cashed. This can vary by location. The amount of the money order and the source of the money order may be a factor in whether it can be cashed there. It is best to contact your local Kroger or Kroger affiliate prior to going to confirm.

What other financial conveniences does Kroger offer?

Kroger makes other money service needs available for the convenience of its customers. They offer check cashing for payroll, government, tax refund, and insurance settlement checks even if they are deposited onto a debit card. There is a maximum limit of 5000 dollars. For a fee of around three dollars, you can shop immediately with cash in hand.

You can also use your cash to pay bills during the same transaction. Bill payment service is also available at many Kroger and Kroger affiliate locations. Most bill pay services are for utilities, but some are mortgages or car payments as well. Contact your local Kroger or look on their website to see a listing of all recipients of Kroger bill pay services. Some can even receive the payment the same day.

If that weren’t enough, you can even send money through Western Union to kids in college, family members out of state, or to refill a prepaid debit card Kroger and Kroger’s affiliates offer convenience to their customers in many ways. Money services can save time and money while you shop for the things you need.