Lowes Appliance Return Policy

There are times when a person will purchase an appliance of some kind and then decide that they do not want it. The appliance might not work as it was expected to work or it might not fit well in a home. It is important to know what the Lowes appliance return policy is if someone is thinking of purchasing appliances from that store. There are returns allowed on both large and small appliances that are purchased through Lowes.

Know the Policy When Appliances Can Be Returned and Fees Associated with Returns

If someone is looking to return a small appliance that they have picked up at Lowes, they should be able to do that within 90 days of purchasing that item. If someone buys a microwave and then finds that it does not fit in their kitchen, they can return that within 90 days of buying it and get their money back. If someone purchases a large appliance from Lowes, such as a refrigerator, they will have the option to return that item but they will only have 30 days to decide if they would like to have it go back. Those who had their appliance brought to their home and installed by the Lowes team can have that appliance picked up for free when they are looking to return it. Those who did not have their item delivered may have to pay to have someone come and pick up the appliance, but that fee depends on if anyone is in the area or if a special trip will have to be made to come and get the appliance.

Lowes Appliance Return Policy

Know the Policy About the Condition that Lowes Appliances Must Be In When Returned

When someone is returning an appliance to Lowes, that appliance has to be in new condition. The appliance and all of its parts have to be returned together. While the box that held the appliance can be opened, the box needs to be returned with the item. It is important that the one who is looking to return an appliance to Lowes has a receipt for the item that they are looking to return in order to keep things simple. If one does not have a receipt for the item, the team at Lowes may be able to look up the purchase and still help them make a return. The one who does not have a receipt should be prepared to show a photo ID when returning their appliance.

Lowes Large and Small Appliances Return Policy

Lowes appliance return policy is clear that they allow people to take back appliances that are not working or that do not suit their needs. Large appliances must be returned within 30 days of purchase, and small appliances must be returned within 90 days of purchase. Having a receipt for the item one is hoping to return will make things happen in a smooth manner.