How to Tell Your Boss You’re Sick Text Message

While most employees take pride in having good attendance at work, there may be times when you need to take a day off. It is perfectly normal to call in sick from time to time, but it helps to know the best way on how to tell your boss you’re sick text message and want to take a day off. Using the right techniques will make it easier for you to call in sick to work.

Sending Your Boss a Text Message When You Are Planning to Miss Work

So, how to tell your boss you’re sick text message? Sending a text message is one way to let your boss you will not be coming in to work. When composing the how to tell your boss you’re sick text message, remember that you have limited space to get your message across. First, you want to be clear that you will not be going in to work that day. In this text message, include the words “not coming in,” so that there is no confusion about your attendance. Next, let your boss know why you’re not going to work that day. Let your boss know that you are sick and will be unable to come in. Finally, let your boss know what projects you are working on and how you plan to complete them when you return. It sometimes helps to send a text message to both your boss’ work and personal cell phone to make sure they received the message.

How to Tell Your Boss You're Sick Text Message

Sending an Email to Call in Sick

Sending your boss an email that you are sick and not coming in to work is similar to the “calling in sick” text. In this format, however, you have more space to explain your situation. In addition to telling your boss you won’t be coming and giving your reason, you can also attach documentation, if necessary. Some people choose to include doctor’s notes, copies of work documents and other paperwork that helps to explain their situation to the boss. Email can also serve as a written record that you notified your boss that you were not going to attend work.

Making a Phone Call to Inform Your Boss You Will Be Out Sick

One of the most common ways to let your boss know that you are too sick to work is by phone call. Calling in sick can allow your boss to ask questions and have a conversation with you about how long you will be out and what projects you are working on. A phone call is often considered more formal than a text message or an email, and many bosses prefer a phone call if their staff member is calling in sick. Only you know the culture and environment at your company, so use your discretion when deciding how to notify your boss that you will be out sick.

When you are feeling under the weather or are too sick to work, it can be hard to have to inform your boss that you will not be coming in for your shift. Many people find that sending a text message is a simple and easy way to inform their boss of their illness and subsequent day off. Others find it better to make a phone call or send an email. Regardless of the method you choose, it is important to make sure your message is clear to your boss so there is no confusion.