Plasti Dip Car Cost

Plasti Dip is a specialty rubber coating that’s used for auto customization. Sometimes it can be even cheaper to do it yourself, but that will depend on the cost of the supplies required to get the job done. Some people opt for vinyl wrapping instead of Plasti Dip when they want a car transformation. However, vinyl wrapping is a bit more expensive than Plasti Dip. Check out the information below for more details on Plasti Dip car cost.

Cost to Plasti Dip a Truck or Car

The popularity of Plasti Dip among truck and car enthusiasts has significantly increased over the years. This is because Plasti Dip is flexible, durable, insulating, repairable and removable. It’s also available in a lot of different colors. A key benefit is that Plasti Dip car cost is lower than other options. Depending on the size of your vehicle, it can cost up to $1,000 to have a large truck or SUV professionally treated with Plasti Dip. A car can cost as little as $600 if you purchase a DIY kit.

Amount of Plasti Dip Required to Cover an Entire Car

What’s required to cover an entire car with Plasti Dip will depend on the size of the vehicle. For instance, subcompact cars require 2 gallons, compact cars require 2 to 3 gallons, full-size cars require 4 gallons, large SUVs require 5 to 6 gallons, mid-size 2-door cars require 3 gallons, mid-size 4-door cars require 3 to 4 gallons, minivans/small SUVs require 4 to 5 gallons and standard SUVs require 5 gallons.

Amount of Plasti Dip Needed for Wheels

Covering wheels with Plasti Dip is something that can be done for as little as $75, but it depends on the size of the wheels. You will also need to take into consideration the number of coats that will be applied. You will likely need to purchase an aerosol can for each wheel. You can also purchase a gallon of Plasti Dip to use for all of the wheels.

Plasti Dip Car Cost

Places to Buy Plasti Dip

There are a lot of different retailers that sale Plasti Dip, such as AutoZone, Ace Hardware, Walmart and Lowe’s. You can also purchase it on Amazon. However, there are some regions where Plasti Dip is prohibited. In these locations, you will likely find Plasti Dip 50 instead.

Application of Plasti Dip

Although the word “dip” is in the name of the product, you don’t actually dip your car into anything. Plasti Dip is actually applied with an aerosol can or a spray gun. You will need to use masking tape or another product to protect the areas that should not be sprayed. You can remove overspray with a microfiber cloth. In the event that it’s not applied properly, Plasti Dip will start to peel off. It’s important to ensure the location where you are applying Plasti Dip is well ventilated. The surface where it’s being applied should also be free of dirt, grease, wax, oil and rust.

If you want a unique appearance, Plasti Dip can be premixed to produce a wide variety of colors. There are also customizing products, such as Plasti Dip High Gloss Top Coat and Pearlizer Enhancer, among others. The possibilities are endless.