Quik Trip Money Order

QuiTrip (QT) is a 24 hour convenience mini-mart and gas station with over 800 locations spread throughout America. They have been a sort of home away from home for many Americans across the lower Midwest and southern United States since 1958. QT is known for serving up gas and economical snacks foods, but many people may not realize that for their convenience but they also offer Quik Trip money order.

A Quik Trip money order is an excellent option for people without a bank account. Since money orders are a pre-paid form of payment, a person paid with a money order is in receipt of a more secure payment method being that money orders eliminate the fear of bounced checks or stopped payments.

Quik Trip Money Order Information

How Much do QT Money Orders Cost?

A Quik Trip money order costs $1.50 per $300. Amounts totaling up to an additional $300 would incur an additional $1.50 and so on. For example a $700 money order would cost $4.50. QT money orders are backed by Western Union (WU) and can only be used within the United States.

Quik Trip Money Order

Is There a Daily Limit?

QT money orders can only be purchased with cash and the daily limit is $950. Therefore, a customer is not able to purchase over that amount in a single day.

When Can Money Orders be Purchased?

Even though QT is a 24/7 stop and shop, money orders can only be purchased between 7am and 10 pm, 7 days a week.

Lost, Stolen or Damaged Money Orders

Since QT’s money orders are authorized by Western Union, a customer that needs to recoup a lost money order would need to follow the steps set out by WU.

If you have the original receipt:

1. Fill out the tracking form on the back of the receipt.

2. Submit the receipt along with a $15.00 fee.

The address is listed on the receipt.

If you do not have the original receipt:

1. Go to the WU website and print the customer request form.

2. Submit this form along with a $30 fee.

The website offers three methods to submit the customer request form.

* It is very advantageous to maintain the receipt. Also WU money orders expire after one year. Money orders that are a year old or older are worthless and cannot be replaced.

* Please note that you cannot cash money orders at QT. WU money orders would need to be cashed at a financial institution such as a bank or credit union with valid identification.

In conclusion

QT, an American mini mart and gas station, offers money orders for $1.50 per $300. The money orders can be purchased with cash every day between the hours of 7 am to 10 pm. The Western Union backed money orders carry a $15 replacement fee if lost or stolen, however, without a receipt the fee increases to $30. It is highly advisable to keep the receipt. To encourage customer loyalty QT also offers credit cards with cash back incentives for gas purchases. They also sell gift cards and a ‘Pump First’ card that allows you to pump first and pay inside afterwards.