Group Name for 4 Friends

Good friends are hard to find, and when you do find them make sure you give them a name. If you are lucky to find 3 loving, trustworthy and supportive friends, be sure to create a name that fits your group and shows the world who you are. Think of your group as a secret society, a members-only club or posse. All well-known groups have one thing in common, and that’s a name that everyone will always remember. Here are some ways to find a great group name for 4 friends.

1. Using the Number 4

When brainstorming a group name, it is a good idea to start with the number of friends in the group. Using the number of friends in the group will let everyone know that your group is exclusive and that there are only 4 members allowed. Begin thinking of things that may come in groups of 4. This can include elements like earth, wind, fire and water. Also consider ideas like a deck of cards, superheroes, and television shows or movies that may have included a group of 4 friends.

2. Wordplay

A play on words can help you to create the best group name for 4 friends. Think of ways to incorporate the number 4. Maybe in a different language or using symbols. Use your sense of humor and possibly a hint of poor grammar to find the perfect combination of words to describe your group. This is also an awesome time to include inside jokes or special words that are sentimental to your group.

Group Name for 4 Friends

3.Consider Your Image

Your group of friends may be wild and crazy or sophisticated and conservative, either way be sure to consider this when selecting a name. Groups of friends are known to have custom items created with their group’s name on them. Be sure this is a name you would be comfortable with others knowing, including your family, friends and co-workers. Always consider everyone’s feelings and steer clear of names that might be racially, sexually or religiously offensive.

4. Be Creative

Finding the perfect name can be a process. Be sure to put a creative twist on any name you are considering. Be sure that no one feels excluded and most importantly be sure to have fun. Creating a group name for 4 friends is like getting a tattoo. Your group name is what people will use to identify you so be sure it is everything you imagined.

Here are Some Group Names to Consider:

1. The Fearless Four

2. The Ferocious Four

3. 4-Ever Friends

4. The Quad Squad

5. The Fly Four

6. Four the Love of Friends

7. The Flirty Four

8. Met-A-Four

9. The Golden Girls

10. The Entourage

11. Four Sure Friends

12. 4 Peas in a Pod

13. The Fantastic 4

14. The Cute Quartet

15. Foursome

16. The 4 Aces