7 Eleven Money Order

Head to your local 7-11 if you need a money order. The world’s largest convenience store chain sells a variety of products, including snacks, gasoline, drinks, and, you guessed it, the 7 eleven money order. There is a small fee but purchasing a money order from the convenience store is simple and affordable.

7 Eleven Money Order Fees

The cost depends on the value of the money order. Your 7-11 location charges a fee from 1% – 3% of the money order value. A $100 money order may cost $1 – $3, depending on your location. 7-11 sells money orders for up to $500 in value.

How to Buy a 7-11 Money Order?

Simply visit the location of your choice to purchase a money order. Visit the counter and tell the cashier you need a money order. They’ll ask the amount of the money order. Within seconds, the money order is ready to go. You may pay using cash only. Since most locations are open 24-hours per day, getting a money order in the middle of the night is possible.

7 Eleven Money Order

What Type of Money Order Does 7-11 Sell?

7-11 sells MoneyGram and Western Union money orders. The type of money order you receive depends on your state. People who visit a 7-11 location in states such as California, Colorado, Florida, Mississippi, Rhode Island, and Utah receive Western Union money orders.

Can I Get a Refund?

You can get a refund on an unused money order. You can make the money order out to yourself it the recipient information is yet to be completed. If the information is completed already, you will need to get in touch with the issuing agency. There is a fee for processing the canceling. Currently, Western Union charges a $15 processing fee to cancel a money order. It takes six-eight weeks to receive a refund. 7-11 convenience stores do not cash money orders and will not provide refunds.

Can I Track a Money Order?

Contact MoneyGram or Western Union with any questions concerning tracking of a money order or with any other questions or concerns. 7-11 is not responsible for the money order once you’ve purchased it from their store.


Many people use money orders to pay bills or for other purposes. A money order provides proof of payment and reduces the risk of theft. It is especially important to use a money order for payment to protect yourself. You can visit any 7-11 location near you to purchase a money order up to $500 for this necessity.