La Petite Academy Tuition

La Petite Academy has different locations throughout the United States that include preschool and daycare centers. La Petite Academy tuition depends on a variety of different factors, such as the location of the school and the age of your child. Generally, tuition for a child attending full-time is approximately $200 weekly for toddlers and preschooler. If you have an infant that you want to attend the school full-time, the cost is likely to be $300 weekly. If a child attends the school on a part-time basis only, the cost is $50 per day. Continue reading to learn more about the tuition at La Petite Academy and other aspects of the program that you should consider if you have a child that you’re thinking about enrolling. Find out if the program can meet your family’s needs.

Cost of Tuition at La Petite Academy

La Petite Academy tuition generally ranges from about $180 to $320 weekly based on the factors briefly mentioned. These factors include the age of your child at the time of enrollment and the location of the school. There are La Petite Academy locations throughout the country. If you have an infant that’s in diapers, the price for your chid to attend to school will be higher than it would be if they were not in diapers. Full-time care is likely to cost around $300 to $320 each week. The cost for preschool children and toddlers to attend La Petite Academy on a full-time basis will be around $180 to $240 each week. Kids attending the school on a part-time basis will cost approximately $40 to $65 daily.

La Petite Academy Tuition

Flex Care Program

There is a Flex Care program offered by La Petite Academy that tends to work well for a lot of different families. This is because the Flex Care program enables you to drop your child off at child care on a flexible schedule. This includes school holidays, which is often a problem for families that don’t have other options for childcare. You can also purchase prepaid cards that will provide you with child care for up to five days. Flex Care cards will cost the same amount as the weekly tuition for attending the school.

There are La Petite Academy preschool and daycare centers in about 37 states.

Based on the flexibility and the types of programs available, you can likely find what you need to accommodate the requirements of your family. Are you interested in finding a local school? You can use the La Petite Academy school locator to find a program that’s near your home and works best for your family’s needs. You can also contact school administrators to find out more about La Petite Academy tuition. You can provide information about your family’s needs to make sure it’s the right program for you.

Conclusion If you are considering La Petite Academy for your preschooler or toddler, there are many reasons why it might work out well. In addition to the flexibility and the many locations throughout the country, a lot of families appreciate the school’s programming. Whether your kids attend part-time or full-time, La Petite Academy can probably accommodate your needs. Since you can purchase prepaid Flex Care cards, you can use La Petite Academy services when you need them.