CVS Money Order

When you need a money order, you may be worried about where you can get one and what the fees are. However, thanks to the many CVS stores in most cities, getting a CVS Money Order is actually quite quick and doesn’t cost an excessive amount.

Does CVS Sell Money Orders?

CVS sells MoneyGram money orders. You can purchase a MoneyGram money order at any CVS store whenever the store is open and serving the public. However, CVS doesn’t offer 24 hour service at all its stores so you will need to check online or call to make sure your area store will be able to help you as soon as you need your money order. Simply take your ID, enough cash to cover the money order amount plus a fee of $1.25, also in cash, and you can get a money order for up to $500.00. If you need a money order larger than $500.00, you will need to pay an additional $1.25 for the next money order.

Does CVS Cash Money Orders?

Unfortunately, CVS employees are not able to cash money orders of any type. You can cash a MoneyGram money order at some banks, but you may need to have an account there to use their services. Be aware that many check cashing services can cash your MoneyGram money order but they may charge a high fee for doing so.

CVS Money Order

Do They Offer Money Transfers?

You can transfer money via MoneyGram at CVS. Again, you will need your photo ID. You’ll also need the name of the recipient as listed on their ID so they can pick up the money on their end. The CVS employee helping you will also need to know the location of the recipient before they can set up the transfer. Fees for money transfers going out are dependent on the amount of cash you’re sending. You will be given a routing number. The recipient will need this number to pick up the cash on their end.

Does CVS Let Me Receive a Money Transfer?

CVS can allow you to pick up a money transfer from one of their locations if they have the cash on hand. Be aware that employees may be limited as to how much cash they have access to outside of normal business hours, though funds are generally available within seconds of the transfer. Be prepared to call ahead to make sure the store has the cash on hand to help you make the transfer. Bring a photo ID and the routing number for the transfer from the person who sent you the money.

You can buy a MoneyGram money order at CVS, but you can’t cash one there. You can also transfer cash from CVS via MoneyGram and receive a MoneyGram transfer there if they have the cash on hand. For all MoneyGram transfers through CVS, you will need your ID and you will need to be prepared to pay cash.