Does Walmart Sell Stamps?

Walmart sells just about everything you can think of, but does Walmart sell stamps? The answer is, yes. All Walmart stores sell stamps, although where you’ll find stamps in the store will vary by location. Here is all the information you need if you’re looking to buy stamps at Walmart.

Where in the store are they located?

Walmart sells stamps in all of their stores, but the location of where you can purchase those stamps will vary by location. Several Walmart stores across the country have a MoneyCenter located at the front of their store. A MoneyCenter is where you can cash checks, send money orders, and also buy stamps.

Not all Walmart locations contain a MoneyCenter, however. For those stores that don’t have a MoneyCenter, you can purchase stamps right at the customer service desk. The customer service desk is also where you can ask questions about products, make returns, and pay bills for participating creditors.

The customer service center is usually located at the front of the store, but if you are unable to find it, simply ask a store employee where it’s located.

Does Walmart Sell Stamps?

A few states that host a Walmart with a MoneyCenter include:

  • Indiana
  • Ohio
  • Tennessee
  • Vermont
  • Washington

To see whether your local Walmart has a MoneyCenter within its store, visit

What time of day can you buy stamps at Walmart?

Stamps can be purchased during regular store hours, although MoneyCenter hours may vary from regular store hours. Some Walmart stores are open 24 hours, but MoneyCenter locations are typically opened from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Holidays, weekends, and special events may affect these hours. The customer service center is usually open when the store is open, although some may have shortened hours. Your best bet if you want to buy stamps late at night or on a holiday is to call ahead to see whether or not stamps are available.

How can you pay for stamps?

Walmart locations accept cash, credit card, and debit cards for stamp purchases. A book of 20 “forever” stamps currently costs $11 at Walmart locations. The price may vary depending on the year and type of stamp you’re looking for.

Walmart does not currently sell individual stamps at their locations. If you’re looking to buy individual stamps, the best place to purchase them is at your local post office.

Can you buy stamps online at

Stamps are available for purchase at Stamps are not sold individually but rather in strips, sheets, and booklets. Many third-party retailers sell stamps on, so be aware that you may need to pay shipping costs when purchasing stamps online.

For stamps sold by Walmart, you can pick them up the same day in-store with no added shipping costs. A book of 20 “forever” stamps currently costs $15 at

You can also purchase other shipping and mailing supplies online, such as envelopes, bubble mailers, letter openers, and tape.

Final Thoughts

Walmart stores and are an easy and cost-effective way to purchase stamps. Walmart provides everything you need to make shipping and mailing items a simple task. Walmart is one of the best places to purchase stamps in the United States.