Does Walmart Make Keys?

It seems like customers can do most anything at Walmart these days. This leads many people to ask the question: does Walmart make keys? The chain offers a self-service kiosk for key copying that is both easy to use and quick. This means that Walmart can help you to duplicate or copy your keys although the machines will not do all kinds. Read more to learn all about the store’s convenient key copying service that you do yourself.

Prices and Guarantee for Key Copying at Walmart

Walmart kiosks allow you to copy your keys at a price ranging from as little as two dollars to as much as six dollars. The exact cost depends on the design of the key. minuteKey is the company that powers these self-service machines. They stand behind all of their products and will give a refund on any key that does not work as it should.

How You Can Make or Duplicate Your Keys in Walmart?

Walmart provides all of its key copying services using the minuteKey kisoks. You will find these brightly green colored machines at the front area of the majority of Walmart stores. It is worth noting that not every Walmart location has a minuteKey machine. You can look to see if your area Walmart has an installation by checking with the minuteKey website according to your zip code. Their kiosk locator will also allow you to search by state and city to find the Walmarts that contain the minuteKey machines.

Does Walmart Make Keys?

The minuteKey machines employ a high-tech robotic process that allows them to duplicate keys in only a minute. These kiosks are completely automated and display an easy to utilize touch screen complete with instructions to take you one step at a time through the process of copying your keys. You start by picking out a design. Some of these designs include team logos from the NFL, MLB, NCAA, and NHL. The machine will then identify your particular key type and its teeth by utilizing a laser imaging feature that provides an accurate and high-precision duplicated key.

What Kinds of Keys Can the Machines Copy in Walmart?

minuteKey machines are able to do both office and home keys. These different kinds are supported by the kiosks:

  • Schlage, SC1
  • Kwikset, KW10, and KW1
  • Wesier, WR5, and WR3 (some locations only)
  • Titan, Baldwin, and above types of key clones
  • Master Lock M1 Padlock keys (some machines)

What Kinds of Keys Can the Machines Not Copy?

minuteKey machines are not able to duplicate car keys. They also do not copy keys for public institutions, high-security facilities, schools, or properties that are restricted. The machines will not copy any type of key that is marked Do Not Copy or Do Not Duplicate.

Other Business That Duplicate Keys

Walmart and its minuteKey machine kiosks are some of the convenient locations to copy your keys. Other retail chains also offer similar services. These include Kmarts, Fry’s, and Orchard Supply Hardware locations. Lowes and Home Depot also offer additional key services including copying car keys.

In Conclusion

Walmart makes it easy and practical to get duplicates made of your house and office keys. The service will not do car keys or restricted facility keys though. This service only takes a minute and costs a reasonable from two to six dollars. You do need a credit card or debit card to pay for the transaction.