Does Autozone Install Batteries?

You may have asked the question, “Does AutoZone install batteries?” The answer in general is “yes” but there are certain conditions that must be met before you get that new battery in your car at no cost.

First of all, before you buy a new battery, you should get the workers at AutoZone to test your battery. It may be that it has just lost its charge. In that case, they can charge your battery while you wait. Both of these services are free. That is correct. There is no charge so take advantage of this opportunity. If it turns out your battery is dead or too weak to be trusted, then you have not lost anything.

So how do you get free battery installation at AutoZone? First you must buy your battery from them. This seems simple enough. You cannot expect them to install some competitor’s product in your car. A battery at AutoZone will cost between $50 to $120 depending upon the type of battery and the year and model of your car. An employee can look up your vehicle and then quote the price options.

If you are seeking a premium battery, expect to pay between $90 and $200. The more expensive battery will generally have a longer life and warranty. How much you spend may depend upon how long you intend to keep your car. Battery life is generally determined by age and not usage. Again, AutoZone has all the options. The will gladly take the time to explain all your choices and may well give you a recommendation.

Does Autozone Install Batteries?

You have now purchased your new battery, and you are ready for a free installation. There is one more concern which may have been addressed before you paid for that battery. This involves the location of your old battery. Some batteries are located in an easy spot and come right out. There is no need to remove any parts of the engine. In that case the AutoZone worker will take the old battery out and put in their new one in quick order. There will be no charge.

For some reason certain automobile manufacturers decided to place the battery in a difficult spot that requires taking out parts before the battery can be reached. If that is your car, then AutoZone will not install their battery. It is just too much time and trouble. Unless you know how to install a battery yourself, then you need in advance if AutoZone will install your battery before you make that purchase.

Most likely your car will be a simple matter and the answer to your question of does AutoZone install batteries will be a “yes”. The best course of action after you use their free testing and charging service is to let an employee look under the hood of your car before you spend anytime searching for a new battery. They can tell you right away if they can install your battery.

AutoZone has a very good battery service that will work for most car owners. It is well worth a drive to their convenient locations if and when you suspect your battery is getting close to the end of its lifespan.