Goddard School Tuition

Goddard School is a private early childhood development institution that offers educational services from toddlers to school-going children. It’s popular for the unique curriculum and pre-school training, which is known to provide exceptional results. According to its website, children enrolled in Goddard is known to outperform their peers by almost 45% in the average CPAA score of all subjects. If you’re interested in giving your child a headstart, here is useful information regarding Goddard school tuition:

How Much is Goddard School Tuition?

The excellent results are perhaps one of the reasons why parents are willing to spend extra cash on the education of their children. There are 65,000 students enrolled in more than 500 Goddard Schools in the United States; therefore, the average cost of tuition varies from school to school based on the location and age of the child.

Despite the difference, it is estimated that the average cost of tuition in a Goddard school is $1,400 per month to $1,600 per month. This is the total cost for a pre-school child who is enrolled full-time. The school also provides learning opportunities to school children after school time. The cost of such part-time programs varies between $130 and $200 per week. These part-time educational opportunities also include summer camps, special events, and training.

Goddard School Tuition

Parents should also note that the cost of tuition also depends on the age of your child. Generally, tuition for an infant will cost more compared to the tuition of a kindergarten-aged child.

For instance, the average tuition cost for a full-time infant school going child at Goodard School ranges from $1,400 per month to $1,500 per month. Similarly, the fee for a toddler can range from $1,500 per month to $1,600 per month. As for an infant, the average cost may vary between $1,600 and $1,650 per month. The differences in the fee can be attributed to the time and energy it takes to develop and groom an individual. Usually, an infant will require more time, energy, and one-on-one interaction compared to a school-going child.

For children studying part-time or those engaged in after-school activities, the cost for Goddard’s School Kids’s Club and after-school care ranges from $130 per week to $200 per week. This means that parents will need to pay anywhere from $520 to $800 per month if they seek part-time activities and child-care.

It’s also practical to assume that the average Goddard School tuition will vary according to the location of the child. A Goodard school center in New York City or Denver will likely be more expansive than a school in a smaller Metropolitan area. Likewise, the tuition in a busy Metro area Goddard School is likely more than a school situated in the suburb or outside downtown.

Young children less than one year and up to six years of age study at Goddard. Goodard School not only prides itself on providing better opportunities to excel in the academic field but it mainly helps the child develop life-long learning habits. Using an innovative setup and an accredited play-based curriculum, children enrolled at Goddard gain useful first lessons through enrichment and preschool programs.