Walgreens Money Order

People that are in need of a money order may take a look at what Walgreens has to offer. This is a pharmacy store, but it also offers Western Union Services for those that need the Walgreens money order.

Save Time with Walgreens Money Order

Most of the working-class do not have the time to go to the bank during normal banking hours unless they go during their lunch break. This is what makes Walgreens a convenient place to stop for a money order. The stores are open longer, and there is no long line that customers will have to wait in in order to obtain a money transfer. A lot of people have a desire to get the money transfer services because it gives them a chance to get the money to the recipient faster.


A number of people consider going to Walgreens to obtain the money order because they know that it is convenient. This is going to be a shorter line in the bank, but it also gives people a chance to pick up prescriptions or any other miscellaneous food items that they might need at the same time.

Getting Western Union Services at Walgreens is highly convenient for those that have prescriptions or photos that they may need to pick up. There are also a large number of Walgreens’ in multiple locations inside of most metropolitan cities. That means that these locations tend to be as easy to spot as banks. That makes it highly convenient for those that are trying to get money services after traditional banks have closed for the evening.

Walgreens Money Order

Acquiring Money Transfers

Technically, Walgreens is not a store that offers the money order in the traditional sense. What Walgreens does is offer money transfers. A large number of people go through this process for electronic funds transfers because they want to get lower fees for the money that is being transferred.

It can be easy to acquire bounced check fees when sufficient money is not in the bank. People that are trying to avoid getting these fees will simply get the money in the form of a money transfer that reduces any chance of bouncing a check. They also know that getting this money order will allow the recipient to deposit these forms of payment without having a 24 or 48 hour hold on the money that they receive.

From this perspective the Walgreens EFT makes things much more convenient for everyone that is involved. The sender and the recipient of the money are going to have an easier route.

Limits and Costs of Walgreens Money Order

There are limitations when it comes to the amount of money that can be transferred for a Walgreens money transfer. This max amount is $300. There is also a need to show government ID when one of these transfers is being made. People that make a decision to get a Western Union EFT should consider the fees that are associated with the various types of transfers.

There is an $11 fee that is going to be associated with all of these transfers that occur at Walgreens. There are other special fees that are added onto things like immediate transfers that allow recipients to pick up their money almost instantly. This is an extra layer of convenience with a higher fee than the regular one business day transfer.