Sam’s Club Oil Change

Sam’s Club provides a great many services to its members these days. They range from eye exams to printing member’s photos. Because of these many services that the stores offer their customers, members may naturally assume that they can go to the outlet to get a Sam’s Club oil change. Unfortunately, Sam’s Club does not provide its members with oil changes at their stores. They do sell various kinds of motor oil, enabling members to change your own vehicle’s oil at home. This routine oil change is crucial if you want to maintain a strong working engine over time. Read on to learn all about the Sam’s Club policy on oil changes and other vehicle maintenance services.

Do Any Sam’s Clubs Offer Oil Change?

The final answer on the question of oil changes at any Sam’s Clubs is that they do not offer them anywhere. Our staff called various locations of Sam’s Club in Arkansas, Florida, Minnesota, and New Mexico to verify this corporate policy. More than one customer service representative at the stores said that no Sam’s Club locations change oil. The stores do confuse customers by performing some car maintenance services on site at certain locations. Sam’s Club stores do provide various tire services at some of their outlets. Among these services is a complete tire rotation while you shop or wait. In order to set up an appointment for this you can visit or call your area Sam’s Club.

Sam's Club Oil Change

Does Sam’s Club Sell Oil for Self-Service Oil Change?

Some people are able and willing to do their own oil changes on their vehicles. For those customers who are handy with cars, the Sam’s Club outlets provide a number of different motor oil brands through their physical locations as well as online. These include the following:

  • Mobil 1
  • Castrol
  • Penzoil
  • Green Earth
  • Quaker State
  • Prime Series
  • VP
  • Rotella

In Conclusion

The Sam’s Club oil change policy is quite straightforward. None of their physical locations perform any oil changes. They do offer motor oil from the various top brands so that you can change your vehicle’s oil on your own at home. Some of their stores also perform tire services, including tire rotation. If you want to change your oil on your own, be sure that your neighborhood allows it. If they do not permit you to work on cars at home then you may want to look into our article on places that you can work on your car. One idea is to rent a garage where you can do oil changes and other work on your car without problems or interference from management.