Publix Coin Machine

Quick Response: Publix supermarkets do not contain Coinstar machines for you to count coins. Instead, they have their own proprietary brand of coin counting machines within their grocery stores. The advantage to the Publix coin machine is that they do not have a limit on how many coins you are able to have counted in one visit. The downside is that these machines do charge a fee of either nine or ten percent of your final coin counting transaction total. To learn more about the Publix coin machines and their availability, keep reading.

Availability of Publix Coin Machines

Publix supermarkets do not offer Coinstar branded machines. They do offer the same service to customers in the form of their Publix Self-Service Coin Counting machines. According to the company’s customer service department, these coin counting machines are found close by the entrance to the store in most of the Publix locations.

Our staff contacted the company grocery stores located in Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and Alabama to confirm the presence and location of the coin conversion machine service at the Publix stores.

Costs and Limitations

The Publix branded Self-Service Coin Counter machines assess a flat rate charge of either nine or ten percent of the final transaction. Good news is that the store does not enforce any limits on the total numbers of coins (or dollar amount) that you can change using the machine, according to the company customer service representatives.

Options for Payment

The company coin counter machines provide the service of changing coins into bills for Publix customers. After you have placed all of your coins into the coin counter, the machines provide a receipt. This gives you a total dollar amount that you take to customer service. The staff at this counter will redeem the receipt for cash. One caveat is that you can not receive a payment in the form of store credit, donations to charity, or gift cards.

Coinstar Compared to Publix Self-Service Coin Counter Machines

Coinstar has one main advantage over the Publix coin machine. They provide a number of additional payment form choices versus the Publix machines. Coinstar gives you the ability to obtain cash, to receive an eGift Card valid at a range of stores including Amazon, Sephora, or Lowes, or to donate your total cash payout to charity.

Publix coin counter machines have their own advantage over Coinstar. The Publix machines assess a lower charge for the service of converting your coins into bills. At the time of publication, Coinstar was charging 11.9 percent of the final cash amount for their fee. You can avoid this fee entirely with Coinstar by selecting to receive your payment in the form of an eGift Card. Publix does not offer a payment option that allows you to get around their fee.

Other Stores that Offer Coin Counting Services

There are many other locations that offer similar coin-counting machine services. Read our article to learn about more than 45 other stores that feature the service of coin counter machines.