UPS Money Order

Is there a UPS money order service?

Quick Response: The UPS company and UPS outlet locations do not cash or sell any money orders to customers. UPS primarily provides the services of international and domestic shipping options for both business and individual clients. At the time of publication, these services do not include providing a UPS money order or offering money services to customers via any of their retail outlet locations. Keep reading the article below to get all of the detailed information.

UPS Company Policy on Money Orders

According to the UPS corporate customer service department, UPS does not vend or cash any money orders at this time. In order to confirm that this company policy statement covers all of their various stores, our staff contacted several store outlets found in Washington, Nevada, Minnesota, Connecticut, and Alaska. Representatives at these outlets agreed that they do not offer or cash money orders in any of their physical store locations.

UPS Money Order

Where You Can You Obtain Money Orders Instead?

Please see our article related to this topic in order to learn about places where you can obtain money orders at no cost. Besides this, there is a list of other stores that do sell money orders to customers. Places where you can get money orders today include Walmart, Rite Aid, and Kroger outlet locations.

Additional Services Offered by UPS Stores

The final word on money orders and UPS is that the company does not provide them either in their physical retail outlet locations or via their website online. An area UPS store may not sell money orders or cash them for customers, but they will deliver the services listed below at their locations:

  • Shipping and Mailing Supplies – The store will sell you the supplies to pack and ship your own items, or you can ask the store to pack up your materials for freight, domestic, or international shipments.
  • Business Services – The area stores offer scanning, faxing, and copying services to their customers.
  • Passport and Identification Pictures – These photos are taken on site in all outlets
  • Mailboxes – The UPS Store offers mailboxes that come with an official street address, and they are also able to receive packages on your behalf.
  • Printing Services – A full line up of helpful printing services are available ranging from printing posters to business cards.
  • Shredding – UPS Stores partner with the company Iron Mountain in order to offer shredding services for anywhere from small to larger quantities of paper.
  • Notary Public Services – In order to receive notary services, it is essential that you come in to the store with a valid photo identification and have your appropriate documents filled out.