Public Fax Machine Walmart

Even though communications have evolved radically over the past few decades, you will still have a number of occasions on which you need to be able to send or receive a fax to or from someone. Even though it is necessary to send faxes sometimes, most people no do not have their own fax machine at home these days. If you do not have your own fax machine to use, where can you go to send a fax? Is there a public fax machine Walmart department that offers faxing services nowadays? The store has gained a reputation for its many financial services it provides, leading a great many individuals to suppose that they have fax services in their various store locations. Read on to discover whether or not your area Walmart is able to receive and send faxes on your behalf.

Is There a Public Fax Machine Walmart Service?

The bad news is that Walmart stores do not offer any such faxing services as of the time of publication. While the company has fax machines in stores, they are only for company use. According to customer service representatives at the Walmart corporate headquarters, Walmart does not offer its own fax machines for the use of its customers. Our staff verified this information by calling 12 different Walmart outlet locations. Each of these stores concurred that Walmart does not provide any faxing service to its clients.

Public Fax Machine Walmart

Walmart Does Sell Fax Machines to Customers

While Walmart does not provide office services like faxing for the benefit of its customers, the store does carry a range of fax machines which customers can purchase. Should you decide that you will have to send out a number of faxes, it may be worth buying one to have in your own house. There are some related advantages to doing this. Today’s fax machines usually combine functions including scanning, printing, and copying, making them extremely versatile and practical. The prices on these combination devices start from only $40 for a more basic fax machine and run up into the hundreds of dollars if you buy a better quality, higher-end model. For anyone who is contemplating the purchase of a scanner, printer, or copier, it just makes sense to purchase one that will also receive and send faxes out.

In Conclusion

Walmart does not offer faxing services to any of its customers today. While this can be disappointing news, you are still able to purchase a fax machine at Walmart to take home and use on your own with a home phone line. There are also a number of office stores that will help you to send or receive a fax. These include shipping stores (like UPS), office supply stores (such as Office Depot), and some other businesses that also have fax machines for customer use. Other public places such as your area library may also offer the use of their fax machines. You can get a full list of locations that will allow you to send a fax by reading our related article on more than 10 places that will allow you to fax cheaply or for free.