Can I Return Items To Any Walmart?

For anyone who has ever experienced return lines in any major retail shopping store? The question, can I return items to any Walmart is quite legitimate because the process from the time you walk in through the door can be either smooth sailing or a major headache at best. No one likes to stand in line only to be denied a return because the item wasn’t purchased at that particular location; therefore, most consumers who purchase clothing and want to avoid the return line will simply take the time to see if they fit by utilizing the dressing rooms.

The good news is, Walmart allows for general returns within 90 days from the date of purchase in any one of their retail locations with a few exceptions. This is good to know because sometimes items are bought while consumers are on vacation or visiting friends and family while they’re away from home. Additionally, in some cases, items are received as gifts and either the clothing doesn’t fit or they simply don’t need the gifted item. Knowing you can return most items to any Walmart in the states is reassuring and convenient because Walmart has 4,769 retail stores in the US alone.

Walmart’s 90 Day Return Policy

According to Walmart’s return policy, you can return most items to any Walmart within 90 days as long as it’s still in good condition, unused, and in the original packaging with the manuals and price tags still intact. Walmart is also quite forgiving if you happen to lose the receipt. For returns without a receipt, you can expect to receive store credit for the amount of the item or an even exchange for the same item; however, consumer goods marked non-returnable or clearance items cannot be returned.

Can I Return Items To Any Walmart?

Exceptions to Walmart’s 90 Day Return Policy

Can I return items to any Walmart if there are exceptions to the 90-day return policy? Although Walmart has a very forgiving return policy for items purchased at another Walmart location, there are some exceptions to the 90-day return policy. Below is a list that contains everything you need to know about returning items to any Walmart and the time you have to do it:

  • 14 Days: Post-paid cell phones only have a 14 day time frame for returns.
  • 15 Days: Items such as tablets, pre-paid cell phones, hoverboards, GPS units, laptop, and other electronic items can be returned within 15 days for a full refund or exchange.
  • 30 Days: Some of the more mechanical items like generators, pressure washers, air conditioners, 3D printers, etc., have a 30-day time frame for returns.
  • 60 Days: You will need to return your prescription glasses within 60 days for a refund. Even if you don’t like them, Walmart will refund you for the purchase price as long as you have your receipt.

What if I Purchased Plants, Can I Return Items to Any Walmart?

You will be happy to know that items purchased in the garden center such as shrubs, annuals, bulbs, foliage, trees, and perennials have a one-year return policy, and they can be returned to any Walmart. Although Walmart will return items purchased from another location at any one of their stores, it always a good idea to keep your receipt in a safe place and make sure that you take it with you to avoid receiving store credit or an even exchange for the item.