PayPal Pay After Delivery Merchants

In a perfect world, you could order products online and pay for them when you receive them. You may be surprised to know that with the PayPal Pay After Delivery Merchants Services, you can do just that. It’s a convenient way to order items, but not every store offers this beneficial method of payment.

Details About The PayPal Pay After Delivery Merchants Services

PayPal Pay After Delivery Merchants Services (PAD) is exactly what it sounds like, which is a way to get your items without having to pay for them upfront. You won’t be charged until 10-14 days after your order is in your hands depending on where you live. All you have to do to use this incredible option is to link your PayPal account to your bank account. PayPal will even give you the date that the payment will be withdrawn, plus a reminder email will be sent to you.

The beauty of using this option is that if your product isn’t what was described, then you can ask PayPal to delay your payment until the issue is resolved. If the seller isn’t responsive, then you can file with PayPal’s Resolution Center for help. In the meantime, you won’t be charged until the seller resolves the problem. You even have 180 days to file a dispute, so if your product breaks or there’s some other issue you can get help.

PayPal Pay After Delivery Merchants

Not All Items Are Eligible For PayPal Pay After Delivery Merchant Services

While buying a big-ticket item without having to pay upfront would be nice, there are limits to what you can purchase under this delayed payment system. Your minimum purchase has to be at least 10 dollars but not over 10,000 dollars. PayPal has its own policies regarding authorization of purchases depending on the dollar amount and your payment history.

The PayPal Pay After Delivery Merchant Services is essentially an extension of credit from PayPal, so they need to make sure you have the ability to pay it back. If you’ve had prior issues due to insufficient funds for PAD, then you may not be eligible to use the option until you clear the account.

Using The PayPal Pay After Delivery Option

If you want to use this great method of payment, just check out with PayPal and make sure you pick your bank account for the payment. On the confirmation page, you will see the option for PAD. If this option doesn’t show up, then it’s likely that PayPal is denying you the PayPal Pay After Delivery service.

What Large Retailers Accept PayPal?

There are too many retailers to list here, but PayPal has a directory of all the online stores that gladly take PayPal. Unfortunately, there are some major companies like Amazon, Lowe’s and Staples that don’t take PayPal. Next time you make a purchase using PayPal you might want to consider using the PayPal Pay After Delivery method as a secure option to ensure you’re satisfied with your purchase before you pay.