Boat Wrap Cost

The purpose of vinyl boat wrapping is to refresh the appearance of your boat. If you think your boat could use a facelift, vinyl wrapping can be a good solution. This is often preferred over other options, such as a gel or paint coating. The reason why vinyl wrapping is preferred is because in allows for a greater level of creativity and it’s also a lot less expensive. Regarding boat wrap cost, the information below will shed light on what you can expect.

Advantages of a Vinyl Wrap

Should you select vinyl wrap for your boat? There are a lot of reasons why many people would say yes, such as affordability, durability, customizing capabilities, ease of repair, ease of cleaning and the overall appearance of vinyl. When you have vinyl wrapping, you can simply clean your boat with soap and water. It doesn’t require buffing like other options. Vinyl wrap is also preferred because you can get your boat back in water faster.

Boat Wrap Cost

Cost of Wrapping a Boat

Depending on where you decide to go to get the job done, by choosing vinyl you can save as much as one-third of the money that you would have spent painting your boat. While it will depend on the type of wrap that you choose, it will generally be cheaper than paint. If you have your boat professionally wrapped, you can pay approximately $1,400 for a fishing boat that’s about 14 feet. If you only want to add graphics in vinyl for aesthetic purposes, you might pay about $750, not including installation. Check out the information below regarding different factors that will impact boat wrap costs:

Boat Size: Someone with a large boat will pay a lot more than someone with a smaller boat. Generally, estimates that you receive will likely be based on the feet as opposed to square footage. An 18-foot boat might cost around $2,400, while a 14-foot boat might cost $1,400, but it will depend on the boat type.

Boat Type: The type of boat will be a key factor in determining the boat wrap cost. The vinyl wrap price for a fishing boat is different than the price for a speed boat or a cabin cruiser because of the complexity of certain types of boats and the contours they have. For instance, an 18-foot Runabout might cost $2,400 installed and $1,300 for only the materials. An 18-foot Fishing Boat might cost $1,800 to $2,000 installed and $1,200 for only the materials.

Full or Partial Wrap: Wrapping half of your boat will generally cost half the price of a full wrap. A partial wrap will sometimes cost about $750, without installation.

Color and Graphics: Some boats are wrapped with company logos, graphics and various other designs based on their individual needs. As you can probably imagine, a design with a single color is cheaper than one with full color.

Installation: Who you have install your vinyl wrap will also determine the price. There are certified installers, which is usually the best option.

Whether you choose to do it yourself or have it professionally installed, you can pretty much get what you need at your price point. There are many options when it comes to the cost of vinyl boat wrapping.