Does Subway Take EBT?

Does Subway take EBT? Many people who use the program often find themselves confused as to whether their benefits extend to local restaurants. In some states, the card and its benefits are not permitted at any restaurant. Other states have loosened their definition of food to include certain establishments. It has become a way to help those without cooking facilities or the ability to cook on their own to find healthy meals anywhere. It’s more commonly known as a meal program and, for some recipients, it answers the question.

What Qualifies As Food In The SNAP Program?

The basics of buying food under the SNAP guidelines were established by the federal government. As a rule, the bill that regulates these purchases refers to food for consumption. Some of the biggest exceptions are tobacco, alcohol, and hot foods. A general rule of thumb is bread, fruit, vegetables, meats, and fish are all acceptable. Recipients can even take advantage of seeds to grow their own food at home.

While beer and wine fall under some of the most obvious exceptions there are also other items that are constantly on the list of forbidden goods; vitamins, medicine, cleaning products, and even pet foods are unacceptable. The hot foods portion of these rules are more interesting. Not only does it refer to hot food, but also hot food that is made to be eaten in the store. With the last exception, federal standards give states more rights to control who eats and where they can purchase food. Some states have taken those ideas to hear as they have opened up meal plans focusing on restaurant dining. Those at the forefront, such as California, Rhode Island, and Arizona have helped other states see how it is done. Still, they remain the exception, not the rule.

Does Subway Take EBT?

Does Subway Have Options For EBT Recipients?

If a state has established restaurant plans, it is a good chance that most Subways accept EBT cards. Since the company runs through franchises, those rules may vary from store to store. In addition to other restrictions, accepted purchases may be made only in the selected location; that basically means that customers who want to pay with this method should avoid the app.

Which Subway Locations Welcome EBT Cards?

With so many Subway locations opening across the US, the number of those who can or do accept EBT cards change frequently. In Arizona, the number of participating locations is well over 60. California locations are more restrictive, with locations in larger cities such as Los Angeles and San Francisco. Rhode Island is most prohibitive of the three. Subway stores in the state that work with EBT customers are currently limited to 10 locations.


While some Subway locations take EBT cards based on the state and local rules, many do not accept the program. In areas that do accommodate the restaurant meal program, it is best to check with the selected store. In any case, the company’s app is not available for these purchases.