List of Instant Credit Catalogs

Online shopping is popular but catalog shopping still holds a flame for people looking to get the items they want and need without stepping foot into a physical store. Many people also appreciate the instant credit approval offers that many catalogs offer. This allows a person to buy items now and pay for them later. This gives you room to get the items that you need/want without the worry of overwhelming costs coming out of the bank account at once. Find a list of instant credit catalogs in the list below.

Important Information About Instant Credit

Instant credit is quick and easy, but there are drawbacks in addition to the benefits. First, an interest charge is usually added to any payments made using a choose and charge option. This increases the total cost of the purchase, especially if it isn’t paid on time. APRs can be high with choose and charge catalogs.

Late payments for choose and charge catalogs vary from company to company. On average, fees range from $15 – $50. Your credit score and report are also affected if you do not pay the debt owed. Expect a choose and charge provider to refer the account to collections as well.

Is this to say choose and charge is a bad idea? Not at all. It’s fast, easy and convenient, so long as you make timely payments on your purchases.

Most choose and charge providers require a credit check ahead of offering a payment option. This is a hard inquiry so it deducts points from your credit score. This can do damage if you apply for credit with several catalogs.

List of Instant Credit Catalogs

Top List of Instant Credit Catalogs


ASHRO sells men and women’s clothing, accessories, shoes, and wigs. They require all choose and charge application to complete an application. The company charges an APR ranging from 5.75% – 23.99%. There is no annual fee but there is a $15 late payment fee.

2. Masseys

Men, children’s, and women’s clothing, shoes, and accessories sold at Masseys can be purchased using the choose and charge option. Credit applications and checks are required. APR at Massey’s starts at 12%.

3. Gigi’s

Gigi’s sells a variety of food items and gifts, including meat, cheese, nuts, crackers, and candies. The company requires a credit check for approval. The upside is that there is no interest charged on the purchase.

4. Ballard Designs

Selling furniture, rugs, drapery, home decor and home goods, Ballard Designs has a choose and charge option for those who cannot pay in full for their purchase. Prepare for the steep 29.24% interest fees. There is also a $39 late payment fee.

5. Brylane Home

Brylane Home is another home goods provider selling items for the kitchen and dining room, furniture and rugs. Complete a credit application online to use apply Brylane credit card to use the choose and charge payment option. There is a 29.24% APR and a $39 late payment fee.

6. Fingerhut

Perhaps one of the most well-known choose and charge providers is Fingerhut. The company sells a variety of products in every category, including clothing, electronics, jewelry, toys, furniture, and more. A credit application is required. Fingerhut charges a standard 29.99% APR and a $38 late payment fee.