Does Walmart Sell Alcohol?

You want to go to a legit place to replenish your alcohol stash, and you’re thinking of going to your ever reliable Walmart since they sell practically everything. But you can’t help but wonder does Walmart sell alcohol? You don’t want to waste your time, effort, and gas money going there if they don’t offer it.

Don’t be embarrassed if you find yourself searching on Google to answer: “Does Walmart sell alcohol?” You’re not the first one to ask this question. However, you might find it amazing that there is no simple answer. It is not just a basic yes or no, but it requires a lengthy explanation because there are different parameters involved due to state laws and county ordinances.

Does Walmart Sell Alcohol in All Stores? The Huge Variations Because of Laws

Different states have various restrictions on where and when stores can sell alcohol. Some states even restrict sales to only state-owned liquor stores. Even with this confusing set-up, you’ll be happy to note that Walmart is permitted to sell some form of alcohol in every state. However, alcohol is not always found in every Walmart store in that state. The choice to stock depends on the company.

Does Walmart Sell Alcohol?

To illustrate, New Hampshire limits sales of spirits to state-owned shops, so Walmart only carries beer and wine. In Utah, the state prohibits the selling of any alcohol within a grocery store, so you’ll find another building next to the main Walmart solely for selling booze. To help you out, you can check the official Walmart page to see what they sell at the store nearest you.

On top of that, the time alcohol of selling and dispensing alcohol is also regulated by the state and county. Even if you have a 24 hour Walmart store nearby, that doesn’t mean they also sell alcohol round the clock. In general, you can’t buy alcohol over 9pm in most states. Some states also have restrictions regarding selling on Sundays. To double check, verify this at Walmart’s official website based on your zip code.

The Bottom Line on the Walmart Liquor Stash

Walmart is still a great place to buy your alcohol because they offer many brands with competitive pricing and some special deals depending on the day. Brands may also vary based on your state, but a quick stroll down the Walmart aisle will show they offer different kinds of beer, spirits (think tequila, gin, rum, etc.), and wine. You just have to make sure you double check the dispensing hours on the website. If you’re looking for something specific, it may be helpful to check their labels on there, too.

Remember, the government does not allow minors to purchase alcohol. Only those aged 21 and above can buy any alcoholic beverage in Walmart. Sometimes, the Walmart staff will ask for a valid photo and require you to sign confirming your age. Most of all, don’t forget to consume alcohol responsibly and never drink and drive.