Does Walmart Do Alignments?

Walmart has so many different services offered in their stores today. You can buy money orders, send cash around the world, develop photos, rent movies, and even have keys copied in under a minute. The super stores also feature a tire care center. Some customers will want to know the answer to the question: does Walmart do alignments?

Keep reading to learn the answer.

So, does Walmart do alignments?

The Auto Care Centers found in Walmart physical stores do not provide any wheel alignment service. They do offer other useful tire maintenance work though. This includes balancing, rotating, mounting, and repairing tires for your vehicles.

What Tire Services do Walmart Stores Provide to Customers?

The Auto Care Centers in Walmart do not provide any sort of wheel alignment services.

This includes front-end only alignments.

We contacted the customer service department at Walmart corporate office to learn this information.

Our staff then further called a number of individual area Walmart Auto Care Centers found in Texas, Pennsylvania, New York, and Louisiana.

Representatives at these locations agreed with corporate on the company offerings at the Auto Care Centers.

Both local stores and the corporate customer service told us that the centers do provide other types of useful tire services.

These services include tire mounting, tire rotating, tire balancing, and repairs on existing tires.

We also learned that your neighborhood Walmart and its Auto Care Centers will deliver other standard car maintenance services including the installation of new batteries and oil changes on all makes and models of vehicles.

Does Walmart Do Alignments?

Where Can You Get Your Full or Front-End Alignments Done?

Unfortunately, Walmart does not offer any form of alignment services either for full alignments or front-end only alignments.

There are many other car maintenance centers that do.

Don Olsen Car Care Centers are a national chain that works on alignments.

Firestone centers are another one that performs alignment services. Most car dealerships will also do this necessary service on your vehicle.

You can contact your local Don Olsen center or neighborhood car dealership to get more information about the pricing of these alignments and to make an appointment.

Be aware that car dealerships often have higher pricing than many chain car care centers offer.

Sometimes you can find a special or coupon for these pricier alignment services.

In Conclusion

Though Walmart seems to be the one-stop shop for everything these days, they do not offer any wheel alignment services in their Auto Care Centers at any of the stores.

The store does provide other helpful tire services though.

These include tire installation, tire rotation, tire balancing, and tire repairs.

You can get these alignment services done at other chains, such as Don Olsen car care centers or Firestone centers.

Your neighborhood care dealership can also provide alignments for either your front-end or whole vehicle.

Check with the location for pricing and availability of appointments or to learn more about any specials on alignments.