Unblocking Restricted YouTube Videos

It’s quite a bummer when you’re looking for a video that ends up being blocked or restricted. Whether it’s your location or some copyrights issues, we’ll help you get that video. We’ll teach you our tricks for unblocking restricted Youtube videos.

Tips for Unblocking Restricted YouTube Videos

You can consider ‘try signing in with a google apps account’ is just another excuse by YouTube to keep you away from the video. No matter the excuse, there’s always a workaround.


Now, this might seem trivial, but it happens more than you think to find that you’ve simply forgotten to do that when finding the video restricted or unavailable.

Signed-In But Still Nothing

One of the reasons you might still be seeing this message is that you could be managing several YouTube channels from the same account. If that’s the case, here’s what you could do.

  • Tap your account icon in the top-right corner.
  • Choose ‘Switch Account’ you’ll see the list of accounts that you handle.
  • Pick the one you’re trying to use and try the video again.

Check Your Browser’s Cookies and Pop-Ups

Cookies are the root of not all but some evil. In this case, you might need to check your browser and see if it blocks third-party cookies.

Yes, blocking those cookies might be causing you the problem. Try switching off this block and then see if that gets you your video back.

As weird as it sounds, blocking redirects and pop-ups might be a part of the problem. Try turning off their block before you recheck your video.

Is it School Access?

Whether you’re a teacher or a student, this might be the reason you can’t access your video.

What YoutTube does is that it authenticates users through the designated school server for google accounts as in this example

If that’s the case, there are a few things to check

  • The YouTube content must be designed and saved through the school server account so that teachers and students would be able to see it.
  • If you find that the account used is personal, log out and then reset the browser.
  • Log in again using the school designated account and you’ll probably then have access to the content.

It’s a Student Thing Not a School Thing When Unblocking Restricted YouTube Videos

If you’ve gone through the previous step and still can’t access your content, here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • Have your teacher login with their account and approve the video
  • After approval, they’ll need to turn off the restriction mode if it’s on
  • Keep in mind to contact the IT desk to make sure there are no filters in place
  • Using chrome, double-check that the accounts used to log in
  • Make sure they’re the ones that are set up through the school not personal ones
  • Try to remove any extra channels on the account that aren’t the ones used

Originally, when facing an issue with YouTube, you can never go wrong with VPNs or Proxy access.

In the rare occasion that those don’t work, there’s always a workaround that will get you the content you want.