Places that Cash Two Party Checks

There are quite a few places that cash two party checks, including credit unions, banks, some grocery stores, and many check cashing locations. Two-party checks are generally written to two parties and can be challenging to try to cash as opposed to a check written out to a single person. We’ll discuss below the places that csh two party checks.

These kinds of checks can be a little tricky to cash as there are unique rules on how to endorse them and questions as to whether both people need to go and cash the check together.

We have also including many different options on where to cash two-party checks along with possible limits and fees for your convenience.

Here are some essential details to know about cashing two-party checks.

What Are Two Party Checks?

Two-party checks are checks written to two people. Many times when a couple gets married, family members may write a check to the bride and groom. This would be an example of a two-party check.

These kinds of checks are very different from others. A single party check is also known as a one-party check. It’s a check written to yourself.

A first-party check is the most common type of check that is written to one person from another. Examples of these checks include personal checks, government checks, and payroll checks.

A third-party check is a check written to one person and endorsed to another person in addition to the person to whom the check was written.

Places that Cash Two Party Checks

How to Cash Two Party Checks

When cashing a two-party check, it’s important to note if the check is written out and payable to one person or both. If it is owed to one person or the other, either one of the payees should be able to cash the check with no problems.

If the check is made out to both payees, they will need to cash the check together with proper identification. It’s also a good idea if they have a joint bank account, as this will make the transaction so much smoother. In either case, both payees should endorse the back of the check.

Places That Cash Two Party Checks

Two-party checks can be personal checks, tax refund checks, government checks, and many other kinds of checks written out to two payees. Many businesses are willing to cash these kinds of checks as well.

Credit Unions and Banks

If you have an account at a credit union or bank, this can be convenient. There are generally no limits on the amount of the check cashed, though some banks and credit unions may require that you make a deposit. There are usually no fees if you have an account, although you will want to ask to be sure.

If you do not have an account with the credit union or bank, they may impose a fee ranging from $5 to $8, depending upon the amount of the check.

Check Cashing Locations

Check-cashing stores like ACE Cash Express, Check Into Cash, Money Mart, Mr. Payroll, and the Check Cashing Store will cash a two-party check. They also have fees to cash these kinds of checks.

Grocery Store Locations

Walmart, Stop & Shop, Publix, Albertsons, Giant Food, Kroger, Safeway, and Publix will also cash two-party checks, and there may be fees for check cashing.