Biolife Compensation

It is possible to make additional money each month by donating your blood to one of the nation’s biggest plasma collection groups called BioLife Plasma. You may have concerns about parting with your blood on a frequent basis, but the generous BioLife compensation payments will likely help you to overcome your natural fears. Keep reading to learn all about the money that Biolife pays for donating your plasma.

Short Response: BioLife locations will pay different compensations for donating your blood plasma based on you as a donor and the location of the center. The amount generally falls into the range of $20 for a first time donation and from $30 to $50 if you do a second donation in the same week (which must be Monday through Thursday according to BioLife). Once you have adjusted to the regimen of regularly donating blood, the time involved works out to be less than an hour. This equates to a competitive hourly rate for many individuals.

More Information on BioLife Compensation and Promotions

According to BioLife’s Facebook page, their compensation for blood donations is based on how often you donate your blood as well as an individual donation center’s promotions they may be offering in a given week. You can learn more about their promotions going on now by going over to the company website, logging into an existing account (or setting up a new one), and then selecting the link to Schedule An Appointment. On this page, you will find coupons that the center is offering so that you can make larger returns at your upcoming appointment.

A healthy donor who is able to pass their brief check up will be able to do two donations per week. This means that you could realistically expect to garner from $160 to $300 each month by making semi-weekly plasma donations to BioLife. In order to learn more about particular compensation offers at a given donation center, simply call the local BioLife office.

Our investigators compared BioLife’s compensation to other significant blood donation operations including CSL Plasma, Interstate Blood Bank, KEDPLASMA, Biotest Plasma Centers, and Biomat USA. We found that the compensation BioLife Plasma pays is fair when compared to the other centers.

Biolife Compensation

How Do Donors to BioLife Receive Their Compensation?

BioLife compensates its blood donors using prepaid BioLife branded debit cards. Their Mastercard debit card is accepted anywhere that takes Mastercards. You can withdraw your cash at an ATM machine or transfer it to your own personal bank account electronically. It is easy to know the balance of your BioLife prepaid card. Simply go to the Wirecard website or sign up to receive current balance text messages.

Who Can Be Eligible to Donate Their Blood Plasma?

You must be minimally 18 years old to participate as a blood donor. The company also requires that you weigh 110 pounds at least and feel healthy (when you come into the center). As a donor you must furnish photo identification and show proof of your local address. There is a screening process comprised of a medical history questionnaire (if you are a new donor) and a physical examination conducted by a health care professional.

Do You Have to Pay Taxes On Income Earned From BioLife?

BioLife Plasma donation centers could send you a form for tax purposes. The IRS considers plasma donation to be a taxable form of income. The law states that you should report this income as does the Facebook page for BioLife. You can simply list this compensation under the Miscellaneous/Other Reportable Income section on your tax return.