The Best Product Testing Sites For Getting Free Items!

Here is a list of over 40 legitimate websites where you may earn money testing things or get free products in exchange for your honest evaluation. Additionally, we address some of the most frequently asked questions regarding product testing options.

Freebies for product testing might include everything from granola bars to sunscreen to jogging shoes. Certain testers may even be fortunate enough to test items such as coffee makers and vacuum cleaners! Additionally, many testing programs compensate you in the form of cash or gift cards in addition to the free products you receive.

This article discusses what to anticipate as a product tester, the advantages of product testing, and a list of legitimate product testing possibilities that will give you free things in return for your honest assessment.

Additionally, you’ll learn about a couple of less conventional methods for obtaining free things.

The post is divided into the following categories (just click on the appropriate link to go to the area you’re interested in):

Product Testing Firms: These firms are primarily focused on product testing possibilities.

Market Research Organizations: These are survey websites and other market research firms that occasionally provide possibilities for product testing.

Brand Testing Programs: This section contains a list of firms that currently do in-house product testing.

Companies that provide mystery shopping services: Learn how to obtain free products by visiting stores and restaurants.

Amazon Vine Voice: The most effective method of obtaining free Amazon items.

Blogging: While starting a blog is the greatest overall method for obtaining free things, it does need some effort to get started.

Additionally, towards the conclusion of the article, there is a list of inactive product testing programs and a product testing FAQ section.

Product Testing Firms

Because product testing businesses only send items to individuals who fulfill their demographic criteria, you’ll be required to provide some personal information for each testing program. Because you will not qualify for every campaign, you will not be able to forecast precisely when you will have goods to evaluate.

The following are some of the most popular product testing businesses that we’ve discovered.

BzzAgent: Testers receive free products in return for posting about them on social media. Members receive around three things each year to test.

Influenster: It is a product testing firm that mostly works with social media influencers. Begin by connecting your social media profiles. If you qualify, businesses will send products to influencers who fit their target demographic in a “VoxBox” (their term for a package of test items). Using the Influenster app to complete your “Snaps” (profile questions) boosts your chances of receiving a VoxBox. Influenster is mostly focused on beauty products.

Mesh01: A relative newcomer to the field of product testing, Mesh01 is a modest firm specializing in outdoor and sports items. This is an excellent match if you are a keen outdoors enthusiast who enjoys activities such as jogging, hiking, or skiing.

Parental Examination Parent Approved: Numerous manufacturers compete for the coveted “Parent Tested, Parent Approved” seal, which is awarded to only the best items. This firm sells items for the home and children, such as diapers, cleansers, vitamins, and bubble baths.

PinchMe: Once a reputable product testing organization, PinchMe’s customer evaluations have deteriorated substantially in recent years. After joining up, members complain about delayed sample boxes (though they ultimately come) and spam emails.

Additionally to product testing, ThePinkPanel gives the opportunity to engage in focus groups (online and in-person). They let you retain the things that have been evaluated and frequently include gift vouchers as well. The program is offered exclusively to female residents of the United States and Canada.

Ripple Street: Previously known as House Party, Ripple Street began by delivering free samples to testers in exchange for hosting a house party featuring the marketed items. As such, the firm focuses mostly on alcoholic drinks but also sells pet food, cosmetic products, and snack items.

SheSpeaks: It is a corporation that is heavily invested in social media. Testers also get the opportunity to appear on SheSpeaks TV, the company’s YouTube channel. SheSpeaks is a female-exclusive product testing site, as the items are given are geared at female consumers.

To maximize your chances of receiving a box of free samples from Smiley360, you must complete surveys, maintain your profile information up to date, and participate in their online community. According to user reviews, Smiley360 is one of the most trustworthy product testing organizations.

Social Nature: If you’re looking for free, health-conscious, and environmentally responsible samples, Social Nature is the company for you. You can order vegan, gluten-free, or all-natural items. Additionally, you may promote (i.e., vote for) things you like to be notified of – and receive a discount! — when the product becomes available at a shop near you.

Tomoson: Whether you already have a sizable social media following or are just getting started, you can use your accounts to receive free things to review from Tomoson. Once you’ve accumulated a sizable following, you may make money by promoting product campaigns. However, user evaluations of the site express dissatisfaction with the business’s customer service and the platform’s push to evaluate things even when they are not delivered.

TryIt Sampling: On, the TryIt Sampling community examines a broad array of items, including shampoo, dog treats, medications, and shoes. They offer distinct programs for the United States of America, the United Kingdom, France, and Germany. This service enables marketers to obtain real-time data on their target audience’s perceptions of their goods. To do this, testers record a video and occasionally a screen capture of their thoughts while they place an order for a product, open the box, and/or try it out. Testers are compensated $10 for a 20-minute test and extra for discussions with company representatives. Payment is processed using PayPal. To apply, you must provide demographic information and take a practice exam.

As a tester for VocalPoint, you may evaluate and test items in the concept and prototype stages, as well as those that have already reached the market. You may purchase these items and receive discounts on the most highly rated ones.

The Best Product Testing Sites For Getting Free Items!

Market Research Firms

Numerous organizations specialize in market research as a whole, with product testing as a subset of that study. These firms mostly conduct surveys, although they may occasionally ask you to test things as well.

If you’re looking for more of these sorts of chances, check out our list of the greatest money-making survey sites.

Ipsos I-Say is largely an online survey company (but it is a subsidiary of a bigger conglomerate that also offers mystery shopping). Certain I-Say polls include product testing.

Pinecone Research: A subsidiary of the venerable marketing business Nielsen Research, Pinecone is another online survey site that periodically solicits user feedback on new products. According to online evaluations, customers could anticipate between one and four surveys every month.

Product testing is only one of the many services offered by the Schlesinger Group; they also perform mock jury trials, clinical testing, and usability testing. Their Facebook page has received mixed reviews, and numerous testers have complained about payment delays or non-payment.

Directly Associated With Brands

Individual brands frequently conduct their own user testing programs without utilizing the services of research firms. While you must complete a profile for each brand you choose to try, you will be less likely to receive a package of random things you would never use. Directly sign up for product testing with the following firms.

Products alimentaires

Kellogg’s: Kitchen Insiders program participants evaluate Kellogg’s goods, such as morning cereals and bars. They, like many other product-testing firms, employ a point redemption system for gift cards.

Subscribe to McCormick spices & seasonings via mail. You may also sign up for local testing chances if you reside in Hunt Valley, MD, or New Orleans, LA.

Red Robin: Within 30 days of submitting an application to be a Red Robin panelist, you will be contacted if you have been approved. According to the application form, this position is primarily available to residents of the Denver metro region, where the company’s headquarters are situated.

Domestic Goods

Good Housekeeping: The coveted Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval is based on the ratings of product testers. Only GH+ members are allowed to become testers; membership costs $20 per year and includes a subscription to the GH magazine.

Kolcraft: Mom Matters is Kolcraft’s infant cot, carrier, stroller, and other nursery product testing program. If you have a small child (or are pregnant), this is an excellent opportunity to score some free baby goods!

Philips: Philips has already tested electric shavers, pacifiers, high-powered blenders, and electric toothbrushes.

The Savvy Circle is Procter & Gamble’s product testing program: It is for the United Kingdom and Ireland. They do offer a survey/rewards program for users in the United States, but no samples are available.

Johnson & Johnson’s Friends and Neighbors program: It allows participants to participate in product testing, online surveys, online discussion forums, and focus groups. Additionally, they let minors under the age of 18 do product testing on child-oriented items with parental authorization.

Snuggle: The Bear Den gives you the opportunity to test Snuggle laundry products and participate in discussion groups and surveys.

Cosmetics And Personal Care

Members of the Elle/Marie Claire Inner Circle Group provide feedback on beauty products, receive unique material from Elle, and are eligible to win prizes.

Glamor Beauty Club: This product testing club established in the United Kingdom evaluates cosmetics, skincare, and hair care goods. Additionally, members receive discounts on events and early access to the Glamour Beauty Festival.

Although the firm is well known for its cosmetics, it employs men and women to test hair color, hair care, style, personal care, skincare, and sun care products. This program is only available to citizens of the United States.

Sports Merchandise And Fitness

Take note that some of the programs listed below require you to return your used equipment when the testing time is complete. This is true for well-known brands like as Nike and Adidas, who inspect returned merchandise for signs of wear, manufacturing faults, and other variables.

Adidas: The Adidas product testing program is open to men and women in North America and Europe and evaluates items such as athletic shoes and gear. Please keep in mind that the greatest foot size allowed for testing is a men’s 9.

FrontRunner: It is Asics’ customer testing program in the United Kingdom and a few other countries (U.S. residents cannot apply). Testers indicate their preferred method of running (ultramarathons, track and field, trail running, and so on).

Brooks: The Brooks Ambassador Outreach program is looking for runners with a positive attitude toward running and a sizable social media following to test and evaluate their sports shoes.

Fitbit: Anyone interested in beta testing FitBit’s upcoming products can apply. You do not need to own a FitBit to participate in the testing. Because these are new upgrades or new goods that have not yet been released to the market, you will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Fresh Balance: In exchange for an unbiased assessment, New Balance’s product testing department will give you new prototypes of sports shoes.

Nike’s Voice of the Athlete initiative recruits individuals to test products, write evaluations, and then return them for more testing. Children and adolescents are also eligible to participate in testing with parental approval.

Reebok: Similar to Adidas, Reebok offers consumers the opportunity to test their shoes and gear. When you apply, you will be asked about your chosen sports activity. For this testing program, the maximum foot size allowed is men’s 9.5.

Saucony: As a leading brand of running shoes, Saucony’s product tester application is rather detailed; you’ll be questioned about the surfaces on which you run, the area of your foot that makes contact with the ground first, and your typical running speed (among many other questions).

Under Armor: Even if you reside outside the United States, you may participate in Under Armor’s field testing program for clothes and sporting gear. Individuals who work in the footwear, clothing, or sports goods industries (or are connected to someone who works in one) are ineligible to be product testers.

Companies that do mystery shopping

Along with product testing, mystery shopping is an excellent approach to obtaining free goods. And, if you’re lucky, mystery stores may repay your purchases in addition to providing you with a little cash payment.

If you’re interested in learning more about being a mystery shopper, check out our introduction to mystery shopping.

Coyle: This firm offers some of the most sought-after mystery shops, the majority of them are at upscale restaurants or hotels. The competition for these locations is high, but with some phone stores or mid-level restaurant locations, you can get your foot in the door.

Amusement Advantage: My favorite hidden shopping firm is Amusement Advantage. You may bring a date, a friend, or your family for free to enjoyable adventures such as theme parks, zoos, aquariums, or bowling alleys! The majority of establishments are family-friendly, which is unusual for mystery shops.

Customer Impact: This firm conducts mystery shopping in a number of locales. Free fuel, burgers, and even tax preparation are available.

Intellishop: This firm has a plethora of stores. They are particularly interested in the retail and fast-food businesses. Previously, stores featured burger places, chicken restaurants, and oil changes.

SeeLevelHX: SeeLevelHX is similar to Customer Impact and Intellishop in that it provides a wide selection of shops, but the emphasis is on retail and fast food. They pay well and pay promptly via PayPal.

Amazon Vine Vocalization

Because online businesses understand that positive ratings are critical to their success, there used to be hundreds of websites that offered free things in return for Amazon reviews. Amazon’s terms of service, on the other hand, were recently updated to prohibit compensated product reviews. As a result, nearly all of these websites have been shuttered.

Nowadays, the easiest way to evaluate Amazon items is through the company’s Vine Voice program. Vine Voices are product testers that evaluate and rate existing and upcoming Amazon items to assist customers in making educated purchasing decisions.

Although this program is invitation-only, you can increase your chances of selection by submitting nice evaluations on Other Amazon users may rate your reviews (similar to Reddit), and the more useful reviews you have, the more likely you are to be chosen – especially if you establish yourself as an authority in a certain product area.

Create A Blog

As a product tester, you can get free samples and the occasional gift card, but if you want to earn real money testing things, creating a blog is your best choice.

Brands and manufacturers are well aware of the effect internet influencers have over their audiences and are prepared to pay to leverage it.

After establishing a following, you may earn hundreds of dollars for every post by writing articles on items related to your specialty and viewers. This may be done through sponsored content (when a business requests you to incorporate their product into a blog article) or through a review post (when a brand sends you a product and asks you to write up a review). As is the case with product testing, the manufacturer will provide the blogger with a sample of the product to retain.

With paid or sponsored blogs, things might become a bit dicey morally, especially if you dislike the stuff the company offers you. Always indicate when an article has been compensated or sponsored, and be truthful in your writing. While fabricating good reviews may generate revenue in the short run, you will jeopardize your readers’ confidence if you exaggerate or sugarcoat your genuine opinion. You may return the merchandise if you do not wish to leave a bad review.

Whether you fall in love with a product and believe your readers will as well, you might check to see if the business has an affiliate program. By including affiliate links in your blog posts, you’ll earn money every time a reader clicks on your link and purchases the product. This way, you may continue to be compensated for your posts.

For additional information on creating and monetizing a blog, see our comprehensive guide to starting a blog and earning money.

Programs that are no longer operational or have been discontinued

Due to the great level of interest, several programs restrict new applications if they already have a sufficient number of trustworthy product testers. Here is a handful that has previously had active product testing programs.

  • Consumer Opinion in the United States
  • Decker and Black (by invitation only)
  • Brillo Relationship
  • DeWALT
  • Foods Franklin
  • Advisory Board for General Mills
  • Beach of Hamilton Ambassadors of All-Stars
  • Dirt Devil/Hoover/Orek
  • Kraft Lowes Loop – First Taste
  • Review Squad for Macy’s
  • For Teachers: Mead
  • Minutes of Microsoft User Research Rice Recipes Association
  • Mizuno Trent New
  • The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company’s OXO Insiders Root (by invitation only)
  • Serta Comfort Ceiling Fans (by invitation only)
  • Step two
  • Target’s hello, bullseye (exclusively by invitation – to qualify, post reviews on
  • Vogue Influencers Vogue Development Team
  • Walmart Spark Reviewer Program (by invitation only; participants must post evaluations on

FAQ about Product Testing

You’ve probably heard less about product testing than you have about other revenue sources and cost-cutting measures. It receives far less attention than couponing or mystery shopping. As such, we’ve developed a list of frequently asked questions to assist you in deciding whether to pursue a career as a product tester.

How feasible is it to work as a product tester?

Product testing possibilities are 100% legitimate, and it is very plausible to believe that you may sign up for any of the alternatives on this list and get items. However, signing up does not ensure that you will get items from any given program; this is contingent upon your meeting the required demographic profile at the time. Additionally, a reasonable assumption is that you will receive a product to test on sometimes – it will not be a daily occurrence, even in the best-case scenario.

How frequently will you be sent things to evaluate?

While the frequency varies per platform, you should anticipate a trickle rather than a torrent. Additionally, while the majority of product testing firms allow anybody to join for free, you will only receive items to test and evaluate if you fit the product’s target demographic.

This can be aggravating, as even if you are an excellent reviewer, you may go extended periods without receiving items or freebies. As a result, product testing is best suited for patient individuals hoping to get some great, free goods on a rare basis – not for those looking for a constant side business.

What are the responsibilities of product testers?

Testers evaluate items sent to them by testing businesses. Products might range from footwear to cosmetics to dog food. After a specified amount of time, testers submit a product review – sometimes on the firm’s website for internal input, and occasionally on social media to stimulate corporate participation.

How much time is necessary for product testing?

It varies according to the product. If you’re reviewing a granola bar, a few nibbles is plenty. If you’re trying a pair of sports shoes, the maker may request that you wear them for many weeks before providing feedback.

You may be asked to complete a brief survey, answer a few questions, or write one or two paragraphs in the case of a granola bar. When it comes to running shoes, you’ll frequently be requested to keep a comprehensive, weeks-long log of how frequently you ran, how far you ran, and the weather conditions (hot/cold, rainy/dry, etc.).

In other words, the expected level of effort and the amount of labor necessary vary significantly.

Keep in mind that once you commit to evaluating a product, you are responsible for completing the review. Otherwise, you are unlikely to get any shipments from that program in the future.

Do product testers compensate?

Occasionally, but more often than not, testing firms regard the free things you get as payment. Occasionally, testing businesses may provide gift cards to their testers (or points that can be redeemed for gift cards). A few chosen programs, such as, compensate testers directly.

Are there positions available for product testers on a full-time or part-time basis?

No. Indeed, the majority of product-testing organizations view testers as volunteers. Because you never know when you’ll have a product to evaluate, this is a more cost-effective pastime than a full-fledged side hustle.

How can you tell whether a product testing fraud is taking place?

While product testing will not earn you a fortune, legitimate firms will never ask you to pay for anything. Avoid any firm, app, or website that requires payment in order to receive “free” stuff. Additionally, beware of anyone who offers a substantial financial reward in exchange for a tiny amount of your time or a few evaluations – if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Is Product Testing USA a reputable company?

While this site is not a scam in the traditional sense (they are not attempting to collect money from you), evaluations indicate that they are known for spamming your email. Additionally, many remarks that the questionnaires are long and that the goods available for testing are few and few between.

Does Apple employ product testers?

While it would be wonderful to receive the next iteration of the iPhone for free, this is unlikely. Apple conducts internal product testing on its own staff. Indeed, a large number of product-testing scams use high-value goods (such as iPhones) to entice would-be testers.

Final Thoughts on Product Testing Locations

While product testing may not pay well, you may save money on food, home products, or cosmetics by joining up. If you’re fortunate enough to obtain a larger item, such as an appliance or a bottle of perfume, you can even sell it online once you’ve completed your testing.

If you like receiving mail, becoming a product tester is a fun way to receive free samples of new items. Before joining up with a product testing business, check out their reviews and the kind of samples they deliver. Select reputable businesses that sell things that you use or are interested in.