LuLaroe Fabric Content

LuLaRoe is one of the most popular clothing brands sold by individuals. “Fashion Meets Comfort” is their slogan as people seem to fall in love with their buttery soft clothing. There’s a few things to know about these LuLaRoe fashions, such as LuLaroe fabric content.

The Famous Fabric

LuLaRoe leggings are arguably the most popular items sold by the company. They also offer skirts, dresses and shirts. The leggings come in the sizes of “One Size” which includes sizes 2 to 10, “Tall and Curvy” which includes sizes 12 to 18 and “TC” which includes sizes 18 and up. The tops and dresses are offered in sizes ranging from XXS to 3XL. The company not only offers women’s styles, but also children’s and men’s styles. All of the styles are made with different solid and patterned designs. LuLaRoe’s line of clothing claims that for every pattern used, only 1,000 pieces of clothing are cut from that pattern. That means the patterns are never the same in two pieces of clothing. The LuLaRoe fabric content is one of the most popular things about the brand. Known for their softness, the leggings are made of 92% polyester and 8% spandex. The tops and the dresses are usually made of 96% polyester and 4% spandex.

LuLaroe Fabric Content

What Makes LuLaroe Fabric Special?

Most people buy LuLaRoe fashions for their soft blend. The polyester/spandex combination isn’t the only reason the softness and stretch come together to create some comfortable pieces. According to the company’s public relations department, they actually have a patent pending on the process that manufactures their pieces with such a soft feel. They will be the only company allowed to use this process once this patent is approved.

Manufacturing Location

LuLaRoe’s main headquarters are in Corona, California. The actual clothing is made in different countries. Some is made in the USA, but the tag often says the fabric is imported from another country. This means the clothing is from another country, but cut and sewn together in the United States. Some of the clothing is also manufactured in Korea, Guatemala, Vietnam, and Mexico.

How to Properly Care for LuLaRoe Fabric and Styles?

LuLaRoe is adamant about air drying their products. The tag inside each item states to “Hang dry or you’ll be sad.” They believe a dryer causes the fabric to break down faster. They suggest washing each piece in the delicate cycle to maintain the freshness of the fabric and help it to keep its shape. They also suggest using cold water since it is gentler on fabrics. LuLaRoe says you can hand wash each piece with gentle laundry detergent if needed.

In conclusion, LuLaRoe is a company based in California that plans to trademark their own process to make buttery soft clothing. Each piece is unique with different patterns, and easy to care for in the washing machine. You may fall in love with the soft, different styles like millions of other people.