Does AutoZone Turn Rotors?

AutoZone offers a lot of products and services that often meet the needs of consumers across the country. As a result of their name recognition, some consumers assume they provide a broader list of services. Which begs the question: Does AutoZone turn rotors? When it comes to turning or resurfacing rotors, that is not a service provided by AutoZone. They also do not replace brake pads, shoes or drums. However, AutoZone does sell the parts that will be needed to complete these jobs if you have chosen to go the DIY route to get the job done. If you need to have the rotors on your vehicle resurfaced, the information below can shed light on the different options that are available.

AutoZone and Rotors

Turning rotors, also known as rotor resurfacing, is when a machine is used to eliminate any debris that exists on the rotor. It also serves the purpose of preventing the rotors on a vehicle from grinding or warping. When rotors are turned, it can result is improved braking functions, which makes your vehicle a lot safer. Depending on your situation, it’s possible that replacing the rotors will be a more cost-effective solution, especially if you can get the parts for an affordable price. In some instances, the labor costs of resurfacing rotors will exceed the cost of replacing them. Notably, if your vehicle has drum brakes, you can have them turned, which is much like having rotors turned. If a drum has major damage, it’s best to replace it. Since AutoZone doesn’t turn rotors or drum brakes, the information below provides a list of companies that will.

Does AutoZone Turn Rotors?

Companies That Provide Brake Services

There are a wealth of service providers throughout the country that provide a variety of brake services. This includes turning drums, replacing drums, turning rotors, replacing rotors and replacing brake pads. Here is a list of companies that offer these services.

Jiffy Lube: Although there are some Jiffy Lube locations that provide brake services, it is not always available. Services offered by select Jiffy Lube locations include cylinder, caliper, drum, hose, hardware, rotor and pad replacement and installation; brake fluid flushing; anti-lock brake diagnostics and repair; drum and rotor resurfacing; and brake cleaning and adjustment.

Firestone Complete Auto Care: Services offered by Firestone Complete Auto Care include drum or rotor resurfacing, caliper and cylinder installation, inspections, fluid exchange and brake pad replacement.

Pep Boys: Services offered by Pep Boys include brake inspection, brake fluid exchange, drum and rotor resurfacing, brake lathe service, brake pad replacement and hardware replacement.

O’Reilly Auto Parts: While not all O’Reilly Auto Parts locations offer brake services, those that do provide rotor and drum resurfacing when there is extensive wear an tear.


The bottom line is that AutoZone does not replace rotors, resurface rotors, turn drums or replace brake pads. National chains around the country that provide these services include Jiffy Lube, Firestone Complete Auto Care, Pep Boys and O’Reilly Auto Parts. Since not all of these companies offer the same type of services at each of their locations, it’s important to contact the shop in your area by phone or look at the list of their services online before showing up.