Albertson Money Orders

As one of the most successful retailers in America, Albertsons operates stores in 35 states, including the District of Columbia. They operate under 19 established brands including Shaws, Vons, Safeway, Jewel-Osco, Acme Markets, Randalls, Tom Thumb, Pavilions, Carrs, United Supermarkets, Star Market and Albertsons. The original store is Albertsons and was opened in 1939 by Joe Albertson. The original store was opened in Boise, Idaho. Customers love the array of food, drug, check-cashing and Albertson money orders offered.

Policies To Know About Albertson’s Check Cashing And Money Order Services

1. Does Albertsons Cash Checks For Customers?

Albertsons does indeed cash checks for their customers. However, the policies in which they provide these services will vary from one store to another. When customer service representatives were asked about the policies, they said most of their stores will cash checks that get electronically signed and are less than $1,000. The fee for this service will vary between locations. It is best to call your local Albertsons store to get information about their particular check-cashing services.

2. Are Money Orders Sold By Albertsons?

Most Albertsons stores allow money order purchases. These can be purchased at their customer service counters. To complete the transaction, fill out the necessary information on the form. The information will include purchaser and payee information, the fee and how to pay. For additional information, customers may visit the store’s MoneyGram page on their website. Albertson money orders are sold using Western Union and can be bought in amounts up to $500. The money order will cost $0.89 and can be paid for using credit cards, cash and debit cards. Not all stores sell money orders. Call your local store to verify the service is offered.

Money transfers are also offered at many store locations through Western Union. You can send money to other people or use the transfers to pay bills such as your rent, auto loan or credit card bills.

Albertson Money Orders

3. Will Albertsons Cash A Money Order?

Even though the store will sell money orders at certain locations, Albertsons does not cash them. While there is no specific mention of this policy on their website, customer service representatives have confirmed they are no longer offering this service.

4. Where To Cash Checks and Money Orders Aside From Albertsons

If you are not able to get your money order or check-cashing needs met at Albertsons, there are other places to get these services from. Check out a full list of where to get your money orders and checks cashed by visiting our site. The list will include credit unions, banks, check-cashing stores and convenience stores in your area.

Summary: Albertson Money Orders

Most banks, check-cashing stores and grocery stores will sell money orders. Albertsons offers its customers a variety of money services to cash your checks, pay your bills, send money orders and get your groceries in one single trip to town. The money services are issues by Western Union, so you can rest assured it is safe and secure to use. Simply stop at the customer service counter for these services and more information. They will be able to supply you with the necessary forms and steps to take for all of their money services. Each location will offer separate services and different fees. Check with the store in your area to get full information about the services they offer.