10 Creative Ways to Give Cash as a Gift

When it comes to giving cash as a gift, it’s all about finding the right way to do it. 

Here are 10 creative ways to give cash that will make your recipient feel special. From fun envelopes to cool card ideas, there’s something for everyone! 

So why not add one of these ideas to your gift-giving repertoire this year?

Why does money make a good gift?

Most people like cash. Or do they really like it?

Actually it’s not the l paper currency that is so appealing; it’s what you can buy with it. 

When you give someone some money, your gift will be remembered every time he or she goes to spend it—and that’s something most gifts don’t offer. 

You can never know if someone is in some kind of need or not. Your cash gift and get them out of that specific problem. Along with that, your cash gift will also be remembered for a long time.

But the issue is some people don’t like to give cash directly (Sometimes it’s embarrassing).  

So why not have some creative ways to gift cash?

 Well, we got your back with our 10 most creative ways to gift cash to anyone at any time.

Money Tree

This is a creative way to give money as a gift. Get a pretty plant, pot, and some soil to create your own unique bank – or “money tree.” This can be one of the most popular ways to give someone cash as a present. 

Give the recipient the option of keeping it for themselves or passing it along to another person who may need help with their finances.

It’s also a great idea if you’re giving the money as part of an engagement, wedding, or housewarming present! Just make sure they keep those green fingers in mind when choosing what kind of plant they would like!

You can also get your plant wrapped in a nice cover and with a card attached to it, delivering the message that this money is just for them. 

iTunes or Amazon Gift Card

If you’re looking for a way to give cash without actually giving it, consider buying an iTunes gift card or an Amazon gift card instead.

Not only is this another creative way to give cash as a present, but both of these popular online retailers also offer e-cards for purchase, which means you can send your recipient the code in one email!

This way, they’ll know exactly how much money you put towards their gift and they can easily go shopping immediately with that money.

If you want to add even more excitement to your gift, buy two e-cards and let them choose which one they prefer. 

Another great idea is to select a store that you know they’re dying to shop – just make sure it’s not one of those stores where they have to pay to ship!

Origami Envelopes

Get creative with the way you package your cash gift by making your own money origami envelopes! 

You can fold any kind of paper into an envelope; for this project, we recommend using different shades of green (or whatever color matches your party theme).

Just print out any free template, cut around each line carefully. As long as the recipient knows how to open their new envelope – they’ll be thanking you for years to come.

10 Creative Ways to Give Cash as a Gift

Wrapped In Love

For a more romantic way to give cash as a gift, try using money origami envelopes! Just fill them with money and then seal the ends by folding them together at different angles.

You can even add a custom message on the front of each one, so your loved one will know exactly how much they mean to you! 

If you want an extra special touch, try tying a few hearts around the center or on top.

Roses can also do the job. If you are trying to gift cash to your loved one. Make a basket full of roses and place your envelope in it.

Money Balloons

Another creative way to give cash as a gift is to use large balloons and fill them with money.

When your friend or family member catches the string, they’ll be surprised (and delighted) as the balloon starts to slowly deflate. Of course, make sure you don’t let go of the string yourself, or you’ll ruin the whole thing!

How to put money inside balloons?

The process is simple, and you can do it with a few steps.

1) Take a normal balloon and fill it up with air.

2) Place a piece of paper inside the balloon, on which you have put some money. Make sure that the piece of paper is large enough to hold just one note/bill/piece of currency at a time. If possible, use denominations that add up to around the amount you wish to give as your gift. For example 20 x 1$ bills= $20

3) Now attach a small weight or pebble on top of the balloon so that there is only enough space for one bill at a time under this pebble/weight. This will ensure that whenever someone adds another bill, the previous one comes out.

Money Pizza

You can easily make money pizza and pack it in a  box. You can write to friends, “Thanks for being my friend” and stuff. It’s creative, unexpected, and clever.

You need:

– Money

– Pizza Box

– Glue or double-sided tape

Decorate your pizza box with the dollar bills that you have folded already. Now it’s time to arrange the money to look like a pizza, and surely you can add some coins as a topping.

But make sure you don’t use permanent glue to fix them.

Using such glue will waste all your coins and money.

Money Bouquet

You can also put money into bouquets of flowers to make a beautiful money bouquet.

Just fill up several large flower bouquets with paper bills of your choosing denomination.

Be sure that there are at least 10-12 pieces of foldable money for every five flowers. Tie some ribbons around the stems, so they don’t fall out or slip away. Your receiver will be pleased by this creative gift which is not only useful but also very creative.

How to make Money Bouquet at home:

The process of making a money bouquet at home is really simple. Here are the materials required for it 

Materials Required :

1) One dozen of plain white flowers, orchids, or roses  

2) Twist ties or thin wire coat hangers

3) Paper money of your choice denomination (in US Dollars)

4) Ribbon for decoration purposes   

Now we know about the material, let’s have a look at how to actually make the bouquet.

1. Cut flower stems to the desired length using a sharp knife or scissors.

2. Insert a thin wire into the stem all the way up to the very end in order to hold the paper bills securely in place without getting crumpled or folded during the insertion process.

3. Use a twist tie/ thin wire to hold all flower stems together tightly.

4. Decorate your bouquet by tying ribbons around the base of all stems using thin wire or twist ties, so they don’t fall out during transportation.

Now you have successfully made a money bouquet at home, and it is ready to gift someone.

Emergency cash box

An emergency cash box is a very good option for you to give cash as a gift. It contains different denominations of notes and coins in small capsules, which can be used at times of emergency.

This gift idea has even saved lives in some cases. In an emergency, when someone needs money, and they find it in their emergency cash box, you can understand the soothing feel they would have.

Cash in a jar

Cash in a jar is also an awesome gift idea. You can make this jar by yourself or buy it from the market. The best thing about cash in a Jar is that you can put any denomination of money.

You can easily make a cash jar at home. Here is how to do it

1. Buy a glass jar from your local store.

2. Get the coins, bills, and pieces of jewelry to put in this money jar.

3. Put a label with a note saying what is inside this cash jar to avoid suspicion or curiosity on anyone’s part.

4. You can even decorate it by painting gold/silver color on the jar or simply keep it as it is. 

Nobody will ever come to know that there are real notes/bills hidden inside this jar.

Additionally, I always recommend attaching a floating balloon around the head of the jar that makes it look really attractive and appealing.

Money cake

Money cake is also a unique idea to give cash as a gift. It’s the best way to make birthday celebrations really special, all you have to do is bake a cake of your desired flavor with money toppings on it or buy it from the market if you are in a hurry.

This money cake will definitely put a smile on the face of the person who gets it. There are many companies that even provide online orders for these types of cakes so you won’t have to leave your house for it.  

Here is how you can make money cake at home

Just purchase a cake from your local baker shop, or make it at home. Next step is to roll multiple bills, and put them on the top of the cake. It’s done.

You can also decorate your money cake with many other toppings like candies, chocolates, sprinkles, etc.  

Here are some tips to make your homemade money cake look really attractive:

1. You can use chocolate or vanilla flavored cake for this purpose.

2. Use white frosting around the edges of the cake and sprinkle slowly with green candy/sprinkles/chocolate chips/nuts etc. This will give it a very appealing look from the outside.

3. Finally, put a few pieces of money on top of sprinkles or chocolates, and you have successfully made a money cake at home, which is ready to be presented as a gift.


Cash is the best way to show your love and affection towards someone special.

If you are looking for a unique and creative idea to give cash as a gift, then the above-mentioned ideas can be really useful for you 

So which of the above ideas is your favorite?